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Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Obsession, by Rachel

Book Boyfriend Love Letters: Obsession, by Rachel

by Rachel ElizabethFebruary 12, 2013

Dear Daemon,

I thought I’d write my love letter to you this year. I know you’re used to girls turning into incoherent, drooling piles of goo around you, so this letter definitely won’t help your ego, which so does not need a boost. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of love your ego. That confidence you exude is pretty damn sexy. Like oh-man-it-just-got-hotter-in-here-and-no-it’s-not-because-you’re-a-Luxen sexy. But it’s not just your I-can-make-your-panties-drop-just-by-looking-at-you attitude that makes you so hot (although your looks certainly help, too. What? I know what’s on the inside is more important, but I can appreciate eye-candy. I was going to call you the picture of male perfection but I think we’ve established your ego doesn’t need that.)

I love your dedication to your family, the fact that you’d do anything to keep them safe. You took on the responsibility of looking after them because that’s just the kind of person you are. And then there’s the way you are around Kat. I mean, sure, you were a huge douche at first (and I do mean huge) but then we got to see this other side of you, the side that Kat couldn’t help but fall in love with. And seriously, who can blame her? I mean, who can resist your seductive charm-when you’re not being a jackass, that is. I love how you’re protective and possessive (a jealous Daemon is a hot Daemon) and you can even be pretty sweet sometimes. Let’s face it, you have a romantic side. But don’t worry, I won’t say a word to anyone. Wouldn’t want to ruin that badass reputation you have going. Oh and also? Every time you call Kat “Kitten” I get these embarrassing googly eyes like Ian Somerhalder just walked into my house shirtless or something.

So, thanks, Daemon, for ruining other guys for me. Even when you’re being infuriating and I want to smack that gorgeous face of yours, I still adore you. My obsession with you is probably a tad unhealthy, but it’s the good kind of obsession, not the stalker kind. I’d never just show up at your house claiming to be your other new neighbor. But I hear there’s a house for sale near you, and who am I to turn down an opportunity like that? And if we happen to bump into each other, well what a wacky coincidence will that be? So I’ll definitely possibly see you soon!

All my love,

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