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Featured Early Book Review: Beyond Jealousy (Beyond #4) by Kit Rocha

Featured Early Book Review: Beyond Jealousy (Beyond #4) by Kit Rocha

by davincikittieMarch 4, 2014

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

[quote]Anything awesome that doesn’t kill you is worth the risk.”[/quote]

The beyond series books always make me want a tattoo… no, not just a tattoo, freaking sleeves of them, and I am not a permanent ink kinda gal! There are just some things about this series that are incredibly addictive. Besides the ink, which symbolizes belonging to a family of loyal open-minded people, the free-spirited sex and the bad ass cage fighting are to die for. Layer in the slowly unfolding mystery of Eden and the origins of the Sectors, and you’ve got a hell of a good series. Like, gleefully hedonistic and unapologetically-addicting good.

[quote]It was what the O’Kanes were supposed to be about, after all–shameless pleasure with an edge of fondness, all of the fucking and none of the feelings.[/quote]

This is the menage book, the Ace-Rachel-Cruz story we’ve all been waiting for, and it starts out in trademark O’Kane fashion, with fighting and drinking and tattoos. Beyond Jealousy definitely requires a lot of backstory knowledge to read smoothly through all the references and history looped in, so there were times when I wasn’t sure whether the characters were subtly passing on new information or if I was just forgetting the events of previous stories.

[quote]She’d wanted the truth, but there was too much of it now. It stripped her bare, left her shaking, and she couldn’t stop the flood of words. “I loved you, Ace, from the very beginning. But you kept pushing me away. Nothing I did seemed to matter, and now I don’t know if anything ever can, because it’s all too fucked up.”

His lips twitched. “Yeah. It’s easy to love me in the very beginning. Prolonged exposure usually fixes that.”[/quote]

Every time I think the Beyond series has hit its peak, Kit Rocha twists it up another level… more secrets, more danger, and an ever-expanding universe for the series with more unique characters and even kinkier possibilities.

[quote]Cruz shifted his grip in Rachel’s hair, twisting his fingers through the disheveled strands before closing his fist. Rough, commanding–all the things he’d promised himself he’d never be with her in those first days, when he’d thought respect meant deciding what she could want. Respect was letting her want anything that got her off. Not just that, but giving it to her, in all its filthy, debauched glory.[/quote]

My only criticism about the story is that I wanted more intimacy between the men, and not only in the physical sense. They consistently used Rachel as their buffer and I really wanted more Ace-on-Cruz (and vice versa) in the personal little ways that show someone how much you care. That said, this book was hot and the ride was definitely worth the wait!

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