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Early Book Review: Men Like This (The Long Shot Romance #1) by Roxanne Smith

Early Book Review: Men Like This (The Long Shot Romance #1) by Roxanne Smith

by davincikittieApril 12, 2015

Men Like This was a flirty, addictive, engaging read regardless of having zero shag time. It’s a romance, pure and simple: Men Like This focuses on the characters and their relationship rather than the minutiae of their physical couplings. Good news for chick lit fans, a strike to the heart for erotic romance fans, who would probably sweat blood for intimate insight on Jack Decker. In case it’s not yet clear, let me make it crystal: this book has no sex. Zero. Nada. None. And you know what? The narrative still sparkles and charms itself right off the pages. Who knew I would enjoy a closed-door romance so much? Huh!

These characters have serious panache. I freaking love Jack, and Quinn has a natural dry wit that mingles perfectly with his exuberant personality. And Jack’s accent is delivered perfectly! I could practically hear the man’s Irish-English brogue whispering in my ear. Jack reminds me a little of Mal from Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series—the charming Mal we met in Lick rather than the crazy manic the drummer became in Play.

He was a globe-trotting, model-dating, charm-ridden actor accustomed to a flamboyant and glamorous lifestyle.

Let’s not forget chemistry. Even though the sparse sex between Jack and Quinn is solidly behind closed doors (which may as well be steel-reinforced, industrial-grade concrete – can you tell I’m really sad about this?), they mesh beautifully as a couple.

She’d swear on her soul she’d spent a lifetime kissing that mouth, running her hands over that chest. She expected him, knew him. At the same time, he was shiny and new.

The secondary characters stand out in their own unique ways too, none too staid or boring and each with his or her own unique signature. Gotta say though, I absolutely hated one of them. I won’t spoil the story by telling you whom, but the ending manages to wrap it all up nicely.

Men Like This author Roxanne Smith’s writing style is a little reminiscent of Tiffany Reisz’s, minus (thankfully) the scary intensity of a personality like The Siren‘s Soren. Memorable characters, smart dialogue, and fresh perspective beautifully elevate the contemporary romance of Men Like This in a genre where movie star and rock star stories are practically, tiredly, the new black.

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