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Early Book Review: Bad Cop (Immortalis #2) by Angela McCallister

Early Book Review: Bad Cop (Immortalis #2) by Angela McCallister

by davincikittieOctober 14, 2013

Bad Cop (Immortalis, #2)Bad Cop by Angela McCallister
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bad Cop completely surpassed my expectations. I had a hard time getting into the first quarter on the book (politics and posturing, which just doesn’t keep me engaged in any kind of fiction), but once the pace picked up it was nearly nonstop. There are so many little things to love about this story that take it from “good” to “great”. Offhand remarks that become inside jokes for Ian and Alice, the manly-yet-deep bond between Ian and Dec that is all kinds of sarcastic fun, subtle layering of additional background info on the vampire caste system and their abilities, the believable progression on the part of both main characters that navigates two seemingly polar opposite paths… the list goes on.

One of the things I loved most about the story though was the gentle intensity of the growing bond been Ian and Alice. It was sweet, charming, and sexy, and those two have some serious chemistry in the bedroom (and against the door, and in the middle of the street… hah!). I also liked that while Ian is undoubtedly an alpha male type, he treats Alice with the utmost respect and care. And Alice might consider herself “just a secretary” but this chick has smarts, courage, and backbone and she’s not afraid to use ’em against even the big bad vampires.

Bad Mouth, the first book in this series, was good and a solid debut novel for author Angela McCallister, but Bad Cop takes this series to a whole new level. I really want to keep reading about these guys- all of them, even the humans- and can’t wait to see how the looming inter-caste hostility escalates. Angela McCallister has a special talent for bringing the readers right into the heart of the characters and she’s only just getting started!

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