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October 25, 2014

Movie discussion: Dracula Untold… is best Dracula movie yet?

Best freaking Dracula movie ever!

Yeah yeah, Bela Lugosi, Gary Oldman, whatever. Forget the horror version, THIS is my kind of Vlad! I expected this movie to be just okay and I was practically giddy with enjoyment throughout the entire film. You couldn’t have pried me out of my seat!

Did I insult your favorite Drac? 😉 Read on then tell me about it in the comments!

Why did I love it so much? Dracula Untold was written with just the perfect combination of horror, romance, loyalty, and revenge. The characters did the right – or perhaps, wrong, depending on how you look at it – things at the right times for the right reasons. The visual effects were [...]

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November 11, 2011

The Hero Chronicles: Babes Who Slay

Personality. They gots it. These ladies are definitely not cardboard cut outs, shrinking violets, or carb-counting ninnies. When confronted with some kind of seemingly insurmountable obstacle, do they shriek and run in terror? Well, maybe... but they'll do it with style and panache. (Smart girls know when to run y'all.) These women have got what it takes to make legions of fans everywhere want to root for them from the sidelines and jump into the fray. You want to hang with these chicks, get manicures, play poker, dish on the awesomeness that is sex with a man who has all that paranormal goodness wrapped up in a pack--- uh, ahem---box---no,no, that's naughty too . . . hmmm . . [...]
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November 4, 2011

The Hero Chronicles: A Hero To Die For…

You know him – the one that makes your heart pound at the thought of being near him, and not just because he's so beautiful. Being the woman that wins his heart would satisfy you in a way nothing else could. He's the Hero.
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November 3, 2011

Discussion Series: The Hero Chronicles

Getting lost in a book is a heady thing, addicting and enticing. Our favorite stories call to us with seductive whispers of travel and adventures and trysts. Our favorite authors ensnare us with passion, intrigue, and action sequences fit for a comic book superhero. We like our men commanding and our women with spine and spunk. We take our villains with a side of diabolic and a dash of sarcastic.
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Men In Uniform
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