GraveTells Review & Publicity Policy

What we review

(Updated on September 15, 2018) GraveTells is not currently accepting review or promotion requests.

We <3 romance! GraveTells primarily reviews contemporary genres of romance, including (but not limited to)

  • Plain ole contemporary
  • Paranormal (and urban fantasy)
  • Military (or service-oriented)
  • Western (modern only!)
  • Sports
  • Celebrities (including rock stars & royals
  • Billionaires
  • Romantic suspense
  • Dystopian romance
  • SciFi romance
  • Fantasy romance
  • Regency romance (the only historical romance we review)

Here’s a little more about what we prefer to read:
  • Adult & some* New Adult
  • Dystopian & post-apocalyptic
  • Heat ranging from pretty hot to erotic & explicit
  • Diverse sexuality, including het (m/f) and especially gay & bi (m/m, m/f/m, etc – we currently do not review or feature stories that are predominantly f/f)
  • BDSM (all levels of intensity, including dubious- or non-consent, with the exceptions listed below)

*We prefer NA stories on the mature end of the spectrum. If the character still lives at home with and is supported by mom and dad, probably not right for GT. College stories are fine if the characters are at least somewhat mature.

Short stories, novellas, novels, and anthologies will be considered, and they may contain any level of heat, kink, or degree of violence. Unless that violence includes permanent removal of body parts. If they’ll grow back, no problem! If they’re lopped off for good… bleh, please no. 😉

What we won’t review

GT will not accept any submissions that…

  • target Young Adult readers or contain only closed-door love scenes (We <3 sex! =) ).
  • are not based at least partially based in modern times* (which means no historicals, like Highland or Civil War. The exception to this is Regency era).
  • do not contain strong romantic elements (urban fantasy is an exception and is okay to have lighter romance undertones, but must still include some romance).
  • feature main characters who are asexual or gray sexual (the romance must have strong sexual themes).
  • end on cliffhangers (e.g., no serials or stories that end without an HEA or HFN)

*We will consider time travel set primarily in the past if the story starts and ends in modern times. These stories will be categorized as Paranormal Romance.

We will automatically refuse to review any work containing:

  • pedophilia
  • necrophilia (clarification: vampires generally do not count as necrophilia)
  • bestiality (shifters who are both/all in human form do not count as beastiality–we prefer not to review works featuring human/animal or animal/animal interactions)
  • gratuitous rape portrayed in a positive light (there is a fine line between gratuitous rape and appropriately presented dubious- or non-consent)
  • bodily waste as erotic
  • other content we consider objectionable upon reading

A few more details

We will accept series books at any point in the series if it stands alone, meaning we’ll consider it whether it’s #1 in your series or #15–as long as the reviewer can read it with no prior exposure to the series. That said, we are fans of many established romance series, so you can always submit and see if one of our reviewers is open to the story.

We are happy to review books that have already been published AND early copies (ARCs) for upcoming releases. We understand that ARC submissions are not in their final state and small punctuation and spelling mistakes will not negatively affect an ARC review.

We do not discriminate against publishing type, so please feel free to submit traditionally published, small press, and self-published works.  The author or publisher may request a general time frame for the review to be published on, but we reserve the right to choose the specific posting date and time. If a specific time or day for a review’s posting date is important, please let us know with your submission.

GraveTells reserves the right to decline to post a review for any story we accept. GT is a taste curator site, so we typically only post about what we enjoy or want to chat about. If our reviewer reads your story and doesn’t enjoy it (or doesn’t want to finish it), we may choose not to spend time on writing a review (or we may post only on sites like GoodReads and Amazon). We’ll let you know, of course, but please understand this is a possibility upfront.


You are expected to help promote your review or promo post when it goes live on GraveTells. We’ll share our audience with you, so please share us with yours.

If you’re chosen for a promotional spot, we’ll send you a packet of information that has a list of everything we’ll need, so don’t worry about trying to get it all in the submission form–just provide enough information to give us a feel for who you are and what you do.

The typical turnaround time for reviews after being submitted and selected is between 3 and 9 weeks, sometimes longer. Guest blog spots are scheduled as far as three months in advance.

The author/agent/publisher (whomever made the initial submission) will receive the direct link for the review either before or when it posts, and has permission to use properly attributed quotes, etc, linking back to GraveTells for marketing purposes as long as the reviewer and site are properly credited (ex: “quote text here” – DaVinciKittie @ And let us know! We LOVE knowing you guys enjoy our reviews! <3

If you sponsor a giveaway, you are expected to send the prizes within 1 week of being notified of the winners list.  Authors are our rock stars and we want to celebrate and contribute to your success, but maintaining a site like this takes a lot of time and effort investment.  We love showcasing authors and strongly believe an all-around team effort is the best way to get the word out to readers.  Help us promote you and engage new readers for GT as well!

Suggestions for publicizing your review, guest spot, or tour stop on GT:

  • Non-spammy updates (meaning no more than 4 times per day) on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, or any other social network
  • Link in email signature
  • Link in post signatures for message boards, etc
  • Link on your own blog or website  (We’ll send you a direct link to your post)

Book Tours & PR Firms

In addition to directly working with authors and publishers, GraveTells is also a host for a several online book tour organizations.  If you are interested in working with us and we are not currently on your roster of tour hosts, please fill out the Contact form.  Please note that we try to prep all our posts for each week on Sunday, so we must have all tour materials by Saturday evening on the week before our scheduled date (even if that date is 7 days away).  Any materials not provided by this deadline may not make it into the final post (or the post might not be published at all, if no materials are received in time).

Note that we schedule promo events 1-3 months in advance, and we have a limited number of available tour spots each week, so the likelihood of GraveTells having an opening for a tour at the last minute, or even a few weeks in advance, is slim.  The further out in advance you can help us plan, the more apt we are to be able to participate.

GraveTells prefers original and exclusive content, so we are less likely to participate in release-day blitzes and cookie-cutter blog tours unless given something that differentiates our post from the rest of the blogs on the lineup.

We also encourage tour companies to help actively promote our post on the day it is scheduled, through various social media and email campaigns.  Having a link to our site on the schedule is great, but it’s not really active publicity and your chances of reaching new readers are much higher if you help us promote the stop.

Contact & Submission

Authors, agents, or publishers may contact GraveTells directly via this contact page, for NON-SUBMISSION inquiries only.  It filters into the primary inbox of DavinciKittie, GT’s administrator, so communication is almost always seen promptly.  Depending on how busy we are, you should expect a response to reasonable contact form submissions within 3 to 7 days, usually sooner (unless we’re just particularly slammed that month – it happens!).  DO NOT SEND REVIEW REQUESTS THROUGH THE CONTACT FORM!

We receive a lot of review requests via our Submission Form and cannot respond to all of them.  If you are selected for a review or guest spot after submitting the review request form, you will be directly contacted at the email you provided on your submission.

We reserve the right to refuse any book for review, based on the information provided at the time of submission. All reviews will be based on our honest opinions and viewpoints, and will not be influenced by anything other than the content of the material submitted.  We try to keep our reviews as positive toward the author as possible, with no personal slander, insults, or insinuations, but please understand that perception very subjective.  GraveTells has a team of volunteer reviewers who select their monthly books from a list compiled from all the NetGalley, publisher, and Submission Form requests we receive.  We believe that allowing the team to choose their own reviews makes for happier readers and more appropriate reviews, so try to provide the highest possibly quality submission content you can.  Because our reviewers receive no compensation of any kind for their contributions to this site, deadlines and posting dates are subject to change without advance notice.  We do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen, but you should be aware of the possibility in case it might impact your own scheduling.

Sometimes a book is just not a good fit for a reviewer. We may choose to forego reviewing a book on GraveTells if we don’t feel our review will be constructive for either you or the readers on  When this happens, we may still post the review to GoodReads or other sites and will send you these links directly so you can see our feedback.

If readers make comments on your review or publicity post, authors are encouraged to interact with them.  However, tantrums, flame wars, etc will not be tolerated from either readers or authors.  Comments we consider to be abusive, derogatory, or offensive will be deleted, no matter who they’re from.  We reserve the right to close comments if things start to get out of hand. Authors who cannot follow these guidelines will not be considered for future reviews and community members who break these rules will be warned and/or temporarily or permanently banned.  We stand by our reviews and will not alter or remove them after they have been posted to The Feed, even if a revised edition of the book is released.

The author/publisher/tour company is responsible for providing the material to be reviewed at your own expense. Submissions should be made, optimally, a minimum of 1 (one) month in advance of the review’s desired posting date, but exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We are unlikely to be able to accept submissions with less than a week until the publication date unless you don’t mind your review posting after it has been published.

We will accept the following types of submissions:

  • Physical book copy*
  • eBooks in the following formats (*preferred):  .mobi, .epub, .pdf

*Physical copies of books must be mailed directly to the reviewer and address specified by DaVinciKittie in your acceptance email.  If you wish a physical book to be returned when we complete the review, you must also include pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping materials with your submission.

How to submit a book for consideration

(Updated on September 15, 2018) GraveTells is not currently accepting review or promotion requests.

You must use our Submission Form! Before getting started, you’ll need the following information easily accessible:
  • Contact Information*
  • Author’s name*
  • Publisher*
  • Book name*
  • Series* (new or existing) that book is part of & # book is in series (if any)
  • Book blurb* (Briefly describe your book)
  • Book excerpt* (Reasonably brief excerpt from your book)
  • Publication date*
  • Preferred review posting date time frame
  • Genre, time period, themes, tone, age target, sexual diversity, heat level, and kinks
  • Type of media* being published (hardcover/paperback/ebook: list all types, including publication dates for each if they differ)
  • Website and/or blog links
  • Social Media links and id information (for author and publisher)
  • Are you interested in a guest post on GT to help publicize your release?
  • Would you like to sponsor or host a give-away for our readers? If “yes”, please let us know what you have in mind!
  • Any additional information you feel we should know

*Starred items are required fields. Submitting a request without supplying this information may result in a review decision/scheduling delay.

Submit a book for review