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Too Wilde To Tame (Wilde Security #5) by Tonya Burrows #VideoReview #EarlyReview #BookReview

Too Wilde To Tame (Wilde Security #5) by Tonya Burrows #VideoReview #EarlyReview #BookReview

by davincikittieFebruary 24, 2017

He hadn’t planned to live much longer anyway.

Greer Wilde is on a mission of revenge and he expects to die trying, or shortly thereafter. After the tight knit brotherhood of the Wilde brothers over the last few books in this series, and knowing their concerns for their missing brother Greer, the opening of Too Wilde to Tame packs a solemnly heavy punch and sets the tone for this gritty series finale.

Greer is a tough guy, but his girl keeps up and pushes back. Natalie is graceful and strong—a former ballet dancer—and her personal history gives her the perfect insight into how to connect with Greer in just the way he needs. One of my favorite moments includes a post-shower Greer in a towel, finding an unexpected audience as he slams back over to his apartment across the hall in search of some clothes…

He blew out a breath. “This… isn’t what it looks like.”
She smiled. She was missing several teeth. “I’m eighty-two years old. I know a walk of shame when I see one, young man.”
“Hi, Mrs. Chan,” Natalie said from directly behind him.
“Hi, Natalie. Did you have fun last night?”
“Hardly,” she said, and Greer felt her glare boring into his back.
“I need to…” He motioned in the vague direction of his apartment, and Mrs. Chan stepped aside.
“Yes, run away,” the old woman called after him. “If you haven’t learned how to please a lady yet, there’s no hope for you.”

The chemistry between Greer and Natalie is scorching, but the scenes—while hot—are respectful and sensitively worded. I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I’m pretty sure I read it in a single day.

Tonya Burrows’s stories are always so memorable and full of all the things that pull on a reader’s heartstrings—heartbreak, self-loathing, selfless heroism, soul-deep love, crazy hot feels, danger and suspense. Her books are the whole package and every time I read one I want to go on a ‘Burrows binge’. Ms. Burrows writes intense, hardass, vulnerable military men with explosive chemistry and serious skills…both in and out of the bedroom.

Too Wilde to Tame is a MUST-read story if you’ve already started the series. Seriously, it couldn’t have ended better than this. And to Ms. Burrows: Don’t even stress about how the Epilogue turned out, because it was PERFECT.

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