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Selfie by Amy Lane is the GraveTells #BookOfTheMonth for May 2016!

Selfie by Amy Lane is the GraveTells #BookOfTheMonth for May 2016!

by davincikittieJune 1, 2016

May 2016 is the month of the comeback! Both for GraveTells—for the Book of the Month event—and for Amy Lane. A few years ago, I celebrated Books of the Month from my list of recent reviews, and I’m excited to bring that back!

In Selfie, Connor Montgomery makes the comeback of his life—literally saving his life—when he takes a role on the Bluewater Bay TV show Wolf’s Landing. I reviewed this very special story in May, but read it back in April, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since that very first page. Powerful and moving, this is a standout LGBT story that would hold fast against any other romance subgenre.


I can’t resist sharing one of my favorite quotes from the book, and it’s not even from the main story itself! Author Amy Lane had this to say to her readers before we even turned a single page…

When I first picked up Selfie, I didn’t have any grand expectations. I enjoy gay romance, I love celebrity stories, and I’ve read some quality books from Riptide Publishing, so this book was an easy grab. What I didn’t expect was the sheer depth of emotion Amy Lane’s very intimate story would take me to. Here’s what I said in my review here on GraveTells:

[quote]This is a story for anyone who has lost someone special and wondered, “How will I go on? Was it every really real?” And I think, regardless of how sad our individual histories can be, Selfie carries a message that can bring a smile and a feeling of hope to any broken hearts out there. What a beautiful, charming story. Exceptionally memorable and enjoyable. Grab a box of tissues (or two) and go read it. Right now![/quote]

Click here to read my review of SELFIE by Amy Lane and see just why I loved Selfie so much that I chose it over the SEVEN other books I reviewed on GraveTells in May 2016—some from very well known authors!

GraveTells Book of the Month May 2016 - Selfie by Amy Lane

Did you know?

If you’re already a fan of Selfie, you should definitely check out the Vinnie monologues on Riptide Publishing’s tour page. These were created for and published on the tour sites for Selfie. This collection of audio monologues—by Vinne, Connor’s dead boyfriend at the start of Selfie—is POWERFUL and frames the story wonderfully, whether you’ve read it or not. Check out the sites hosting monologue links below.

See the list online here.

CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Lane and and THANK YOU for sharing this amazing story with your readers! <3

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