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Scorpius Rising (Scorpius Syndrome #0.5) by Rebecca Zanetti #BookReview

Scorpius Rising (Scorpius Syndrome #0.5) by Rebecca Zanetti #BookReview

by davincikittieJune 22, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Deacon McDougall is a man born in the wrong century, a highland Scot with the pulsing heart of a warrior and the driving determination of a great leader. Time and distance apart from his ex-wife Nora Medina hasn’t dulled their spark, nor his need to keep her protected, cherished, and—most importantly—close by. Nora’s work as a microbiologist for a private company conflicts in just about every way with Deke’s special forces military and government work, but where there’s smoke there’s fire, and these two have both in spades.

Scorpius Rising is the start of a new series, The Scorpius Syndrome, by author Rebecca Zanetti, set in a world that follows the spread of a pandemic from Patient 0 through the post-apocalyptic ramifications and resulting alterations to the very heart of the human race. Scorpius Rising, released in the On the Hunt anthology, is a novella that gets up close and personal with the Scorpius plague and gives us a glimpse into some of the upcoming star characters. The story doesn’t have any outright paranormal characteristics, but strongly hints at the possibility of super villains and enhanced humans as the bacteria runs its course. I’m curious just how deep into the post-apocalyptic genre Ms. Zanetti will take this series: Will we see the rise and fall of governments? Any focus on preppers? How does the pandemic affect different countries in different ways and are they even still able to communicate with each other?

Scorpius Rising is an instantly addicting introduction to this new world of mad men and women, and practically sings with Ms. Zanetti’s signature style of pairing powerful, domineering alpha men with strong, smart, sassy, and intelligent women. If you’re a fan of Rebecca Zanetti, post-apocalyptic romance, or disaster stories, this is going to be the series for you, so definitely check out Scorpius Rising, then keep an eye out for the continuation of the story in Mercury Striking*.

Snag your copy of On the Hunt here, or read more about Scorpius Rising (including an excerpt) on Ms. Zanetti’s website here!

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