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Review: The Origin (The Origin Series #1) by Wilette Youkey

Review: The Origin (The Origin Series #1) by Wilette Youkey

by KariApril 25, 2012

TLDR Recap:

It took one bad decision on the high school football field to change the course of Daniel Johnson’s life forever. After years of secluding himself and even moving away from his hometown to get away from his past, Daniel runs into a familiar face from high school: Olivia King, a prima ballerina with enough confidence to plow right through his senses and in to his heart. So when Olivia turns up missing, Daniel tears the city down to find her, and in the process he discovers sometimes the villain isn’t what they seems to be – and sometimes, neither is the hero. The Origin is a recommended read!

  • Title: The Origin
  • Series: The Origin Series #1
  • Author: Wilette Youkey
  • Prominent Characters: Daniel Johnson, Olivia Mei King
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Sexual Content Level: Steamy – A few lightly detailed sex scenes.

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


We’re all used to seeing the good in our superheroes, and maybe even some of their flaws. But what about the not-so-pretty picture of a teen boy who discovers that the super-awesome powers he has doesn’t make him immune to pain and suffering – whether it be his or someone else’s?

In The Origin we see exactly that. Dark and broody Daniel Johnson lives in big, bad New York City all by himself, trying to escape an awful accident from a high school football game gone wrong. By day he’s a security guard for a bank, and by night he plays superhero, saving citizens as crime crosses his path. He thought he was safe from his past until Olivia King – a girl that had a huge crush on him from high school – shows up, in his bank of all places, and knocks his life down a path he never expected.

Olivia King is the kind of female I love to find in a book. She’s confident, she’s driven, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. The second she walks away from Daniel when they meet in the bank I knew she was a woman I would absolutely adore. I wasn’t disappointed! Throughout the book you learn that while Olivia’s life may not have been smooth sailing, she’s working to pull her shit together and get her life straight. She takes her struggles in stride and works to rise above them, not to let them pull her down. This is a big contrast to Daniel, who has tried to push away from his past, and he constantly fights who he is.

The Origin has a great pace. We have a healthy mix of romance, plenty of surprises, and some great (albeit violent) action. It can be very hard to follow action scenes in writing, but Wilette Youkey executes them perfectly. There’s an awful lot of circumstance and coincidence that lead up to the end of the book and a few big questions go unanswered, but the ending of the book catches you so off-guard you’ll be stalking the author’s blog for a release date of the next book.

Who says superheroes are best left to comic books? Wilette Youkey brings the action to life, and all in text.

Memorable Quotes:

Every man has his own checklist for his perfect woman…

The woman turned out to be all three on Daniel’s Chick Checklist. Beautiful: check. Pretty smile: check. Nice rack: check, pending further investigation.

If you liked The Origin…

You will want to pick up Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz and give it a read. Odd Thomas’s ability to see the silent dead is both a gift and a curse. When they seek him out, he feels compelled to help them find closure by searching for answers surrounding their lives, or sometimes justice regarding their deaths. Odd’s tale is one of a guy with unusual abilities trying to do the right thing in a world where everything seems to go wrong. The books shares similar themes to The Origin, and the feel is very similar.

Final Thoughts:

The Origin is packed full of the stuff heroes – and villains – are made of. Wilette Youkey does an amazing job of showing us that strength in muscle and strength of character are two entirely different things. We get romance, we get well-written action scenes, and we get dark, broody men. Can you ask for much more than that? With the next in the series scheduled for release some time next year, this is a great time to pick up The Origin, and to start keeping an eye on Wilette Youkey.

Rating: The Origin



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