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Review: The Elf Queen (Clan Elves of the Bitterroot Series #1) by Lyndi Alexander

Review: The Elf Queen (Clan Elves of the Bitterroot Series #1) by Lyndi Alexander

by Kenra DanielsNovember 1, 2011


*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! So read on with confidence and let your curiosity get the best of you!***

TLDR recap:

Jelani Marsh has made a kind of peace with life, until she tries on a Cinderella slipper and a bunch of little naked men jump out to disrupt everything. She isn’t who she always thought she was, and nothing is as it seems. Besides her precious friends, she has two new ones, Daven and Asten, to help her find the way in her new life. When the bad guy, responsible for splitting her real people into three factions, comes after her, Daven and Asten prove their devotion by putting themselves between Jelani and certain death.  Elf Queen is a GraveTells recommended read!

  • Title: Elf Queen
  • Series: Clan Elves of the Bitterroot, Book #1
  • Author: Lyndi Alexander
  • Prominent Characters: Jelani, Asten, Daven, Bartolomey
  • Recommended reader age: 14+
  • Sexual content level: None



I was immediately drawn into the world Ms. Alexander weaves with brilliant description and multi-dimensional characters. If you’ve ever wondered how Elves deal with disputes over the throne, Elf Queen shows a strong likelihood, including mixed loyalties, subterfuge and politics.

As a Heroine, Jelani Marsh is multi-faceted, dealing with life’s challenges as so many of us do, by keeping her head down and taking the easiest path. Until circumstances force her to question everything about herself, and to come to terms with everything she’s been avoiding. Even as she faces a new way of life, with new problems, she still feels real, human, still the same person, just stronger, growing.

Asten Hawk and Daven Talvi make perfect Heroes, each with his own faults and weaknesses, and strengths. When it comes down to it, they are both prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Jelani so she can take her rightful place among their people. Even though they compete for Jelani’s affections, their differences don’t stop them from working together for her best interest. Ms. Alexander manages to keep the secret of who Jelani ultimately chooses until the end, a difficult balance to maintain.

Although Elf Queen is a Fantasy with Romantic elements rather than a Paranormal Romance, I believe it will appeal to readers who prefer less sexual tension in books, and it is entirely appropriate for Young Adult readers.


Memorable quotes:

A very good reason NOT to date a cop is the risk of him having your car towed when you stop going out with him. “This doesn’t have anything to do with tickets, you jerk! This is because I quit going out with you. Bite me!” Embarrassed as her neighbors slowed to stare at the patrol car and flashing lights, she leveled a kick at him which he barely avoided.


Final thoughts:

If you want a fast-paced read with a touch of mystery and suspense, and a lighter side to Romance, Elf Queen is for you. The descriptions give an intimate feeling of connection with the forests, and the Points Of View are deep enough to allow the reader to get close with the characters, without being bogged down in their heads. If the next books of this series are as well-written, and I believe they will be, this is a series to watch.

Rating: Elf Queen



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*Thanks to Dragonfly Publishing and Lyndi Alexander for allowing GraveTells to review this book.  No payment or compensation was received for this review and the opinions herein are honest and unaffected by any outside factors.

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