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Review: The Breaker’s Concubine (Kyrimian Cycle #1) by Ann Mayburn

Review: The Breaker’s Concubine (Kyrimian Cycle #1) by Ann Mayburn

by davincikittieMay 5, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Lured into a trap by a vindictive royal, Prince Devnar finds himself a pleasure slave in a training house and is desperately determined to keep emotional distance from his Mistress. Melania has been given an ultimatum: have this man ready to be the empress’s concubine in one month or face her own banishment and death. With mutual attraction growing between them and a vicious trap hanging over their heads, this pair has a hard road ahead. (har har *grin*)  The Breaker’s Concubine is a recommended read!

  • Title: The Breaker’s Concubine
  • Series: Kyrimian Cycle #1
  • Author: Ann Mayburn
  • Prominent Characters: Devnar, Melania
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre(s): Scifi Romance/Futuristic Fantasy, m/m, menage, BDSM
  • Sexual Content Level: high, explicit

*** This review contains minor plot spoilers, but should not impede your enjoyment of the super steamy content! ***


First of all, the is one of the hottest book covers I’ve ever seen! I initially wanted to read it solely based on the “shiver factor” of the hot man on the front. Then I read the book blurb and knew this was one for me. Serious props to the artist who created the cover art and to Loose-ID for commissioning it in the spirit of the story.

On to the hotness…
I kept imagining the Breakers were like Mord’Sith from the Sword of Truth series… all bad-ass Mistresses dressed in leather pantsuits and employing all sorts of twisted tortures to break their prisoners down mentally, physically, and emotionally. I would have liked to have seen more initial resistance from Devnar during his training with his assigned Breaker, Melania. He submitted to her a little too quickly after his encouragement to his men and his own determination to be free. It was also difficult to get a feel for what a Breaker really does, since Melania tended to let him steamroll over her. I get that her technique is intentionally softer and that his growing mate bond made it difficult for him to deny her but I think just a tad more struggle for dominance between them would have racheted up the tension deliciously.

This book is definitely for D/s and menage lovers. Seeing Dev with other men (Khilam was quite yummy!) was just as hot as seeing him with Melania. While there are some m/m elements, it is tastefully done and doesn’t infringe on the bond between Devnar and Melania. Readers who shy away from anal play should have no problems with the scenes in this book.

There is also an underlying message of environmental and political responsibility in The Breaker’s Concubine. I liked that, while it is there for us to acknowledge and learn from if we choose, it’s not pushy or overly transparent.

If you liked The Breaker’s Concubine…

There is no doubt that Ann Mayburn writes scorchingly hot erotica, particularly stories involving Dominance and submission and various levels of bondage and punishment.  If you like paranormals and have not yet read her Chosen by the Gods series (Dreamer was one of our Reviewer Top Picks in February 2012), it’s just as steamy as The Breaker’s Concubine.

If hardcore BDSM and exhibitionism is your thing, Joey Hiil is your Mistress… or should be, anyway.  Her stories, particularly the Vampire Queen Series (but the others are incredible too!), will keep you up at night, turning the pages and wishing for your very own live-in Dom.  Or maybe just keeping you up at night while you keep YOUR live-in-sweetie up all night.  *grin*  If you want to try the VQS series, start with a pair of books, The Vampire Queen’s Servant and The Mark of the Vampire Queen. These are basically the same epic storyline, cut into two books.  And if you are less than halfway through and wondering what all the fuss is about, KEEP READING!  You need to finish book 1 to get all the world-building and character development out of the way, and book 2 is where the steamy fun really starts.

And finally, for readers who like erotica but not necessarily BDSM, check out Felicity Heaton’s Vampire Erotic Theatre series (starting with Covet).  These novellas pack a ton of sizzle, emotion, and action into a surprisingly slim word count.  This whole series is highly recommended!

Final Thoughts:

This story is a relatively quick read, and filled with sizzling, creative, intense encounters… some low-key, some more sensually overt. Devnar certainty lives up to the sexy mancandy promised by the book’s cover, and brings along an addictive personality combination of aggressive dominance and loving submission. If D/s, menage, bondage, and exhibition get you hot under the collar,The Breaker’s Concubine is a recommended read!

Rating: The Breaker’s Concubine


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  • May 5, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    Nice review, I was a little worried that the back play would put me off a little but Im glad to see that you think its nothing to be put off about! Ill check it out.

  • May 5, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Argh, stupid post thing ate my post. To recap: Thank you for the review, it is lovely and I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you also for the book suggestions, I’ve read everything that Joey W. Hill has written so I’m off to buy the Vampire Erotic Theater. 🙂

    • May 6, 2012 at 10:43 pm

      Joey Hill slays me! Oh for a look inside her head to find out just what/who her muse is!

      First, thank you for commenting on the review, Ann! I know a lot of authors make a point not to do that and I do appreciate knowing you actually read the reviews.

      Second, your paranormal stuff is always scorching and I love the positions you put your heroes in. Ah, I supposed that can be taken more than one way… *grin*

      I hope you enjoy the Vampire Erotic Theatre novellas! Cant wait for the next two to come out.

  • Sophia Rose
    May 5, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    That is an eye catching cover and the blurb does make it sound interesting. I haven’t explored much Sci-fi, but it sounds like that is more background.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

    • May 6, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      I did feel like the scifi element was secondary. While I’m a fan of scifi when it comes to tv and film (huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan here, as well as BSG and several other great space series), I tend to shy away from it in books because of the lingo. Too many tech terms puts me off.

      There’s none of that with this book. While it has a fantasy/scifi setting, the main story arc concentrates on the relationship between Melania and Devnar and there is very little confusing tech lingo. Should be safe for readers who don’t normally read scifi!

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