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Book Review: Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders #12) by Lorelei James

Book Review: Cowboy Casanova (Rough Riders #12) by Lorelei James

by Rachel ElizabethFebruary 26, 2013

***This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence!***

With so many members of the McKay family living in Sundance, Wyoming, Ben McKay has spent his whole life fading into the background. As the middle child in his family and the older brother to the famous bull-rider, Chase McKay, no one pays much attention to Ben. Ben leads a secret life, though. On the weekends, he visits the Rawhide Club, where he becomes Bennett, the Dom. The club is an exclusive, members-only establishment where those who are into the BDSM scene come to embrace and live out their fantasies. Subs jump at the chance to enjoy a night with the seductive and commanding Bennett.

Ainsley Hamilton has been divorced for a year and a half after her marriage went downhill. Her ex thought her sexual desires were twisted, dirty, and wrong. Now that she’s single again, Ainsley goes with her friend Layla, who is a submissive, to the Rawhide Club where Layla is a member. The night is going to be a test of sorts for Ainsley; she plans to observe what goes on in the club so she can witness Doms and subs in action. She’s told Layla she wants to explore her dominant tendencies, but secretly it’s submission that appeals to her. While there, she meets Dom Bennett, and she’s attracted to him immediately.

After one amazing night together, Ainsley’s not sure if she’ll ever see him again. She never expects to run into Bennett in the new town she’s just moved to for work. Turns out Bennett is a McKay, part of the illustrious family of cowboys that everyone in Sundance knows. Ever since that night at the Rawhide Club, Ben hasn’t been able to get Ainsley out of his head. So he gives Ainsley a proposition- be his sub for a month so he can show her that she truly is submissive. This opportunity will give Ainsley a chance to explore the things she’s been fantasizing about, but the last thing she wants is to fall for Ben. On top of that, if word gets out about her activites with Ben, it could jeopardize her career. Is it worth risking her heart and her job to give herself over to the irresistible and dominant Bennett?

I really enjoyed Cowboy Casanova. It was fun, sexy, funny, and romantic. I think Ben and Ainsley were perfect for each other and it was nice to see Ainsley finally overcome her insecurites and doubts. Her ex was a total jackass who did a number on her emotionally and I loved how Ben came into the picture and got Ainsley to accept who she was. And I loved Ben, the sweet, quiet, hardworking rancher, and Bennett, his Dom persona, who was very sexy and very alpha. Even though BDSM is a big theme in this book, it isn’t that hardcore. Ainsley isn’t into the extreme stuff. She’s a pretty independent woman, too. Bennett’s her Dom, but she makes decisions outside the bedroom for herself, and I liked that.

It was also great getting to see the rest of the McKay clan in this book. That family is hilarious and heartwarming, but they all have their share of issues. I like that they’re not portrayed as this perfect family, but rather as a family that doesn’t always get along but are there for each other nonetheless.

Memorable Quotes

Hard offer to turn down…

“I want more of that with you. I’ve been kicking this idea around all day.”

“What idea?”

“I want you as my submissive.”

“I’ll never be a lifestyle submissive like Layla.”

“And I’d never demand that of you.”

“What would you demand?”

“Time alone with you. Conditioning you to learn to let go. Showing you how satisfying it is to entrust me to give you what you need. Proving this is what you’ve always wanted and who you are.”

Well if this doesn’t make up her mind, I don’t know what will…

“You know it’s not that civilized with me. Sex with me is raw, dirty and demanding, but you’ll never feel there’s something missing because I will see to your needs above my own. Every. Single. Time.”

You heard him, girl!


She looked at him, definitely in Dom mode now, nonchalantly leaning against the wall. With that look in his eye. The man knew how to smolder. “Yes?”

“Come here.”

A mere twenty steps across the small space and she stood in front of him. More nervous than before.

Bennett ran his knuckles down her cheek. Then he cupped her chin and traced the outline of her lips with his thumb. “Put your mouth on me.”

If you liked Cowboy Casanova…

I recommend any of Lorelei James’s Rough Riders books. They can be read as stand-alones, but you might want to start with Long Hard Ride since it’s the first book in the Rough Riders series. You’ll love those McKay cowboys.

Rating: Cowboy Casanova


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