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Prophecy (Prophecy #1) by Lea Kirk #BookReview

Prophecy (Prophecy #1) by Lea Kirk #BookReview

by Rachel ElizabethMay 25, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Prophecy gets off to an intriguing start when Alexandra Bock wakes up inside of a cell, tied up and with one hell of a concussion. What’s unique about Alex’s circumstances is that her fellow cellmates are not all human. Just before being captured, Alex remembers massive space ships approaching Earth, setting free a race of aliens who quickly launched an attack against the still-reeling humans of the planet. Now Alex is trapped aboard the hostile aliens’ ship with a few humans and several aliens who appear to be of a different race than those who attacked Earth. Among them is Captain Gryf Helyg, who belongs to an alien race called the Matirans and for whom Alex feels an inexplicable attraction. Alex and Gryf must engage in a war that will determine the fate of multiple worlds and races, and it seems as though salvation is linked to one ancient prophecy.

I liked Alex from the get-go. She’s brave, she’s tough, and she won me over as soon as she decked a certain alien a few pages into the book despite being injured and out of her league because she was angry for her people. Her transformation throughout this book is extraordinary as she comes into herself and decides if she wants to accept her role in this mysterious prophecy or not. She finds herself at the forefront of a war she never saw coming and has to adapt as best she can. As for Gryf, he’s different from the alpha male jerks found in many romances. He’s understanding, nice, and respectful of Alex’s choices. He doesn’t push her into a relationship as his mate; in fact, in Gryf’s culture, women make the first move on men, which I found refreshing and intriguing.

She knew him as completely as she knew herself. All his strengths and his weaknesses, what motivated him and what brought him to his knees, were laid out before her. She was aware of him in a way she’d never been aware of anyone.

Alex and Gryf’s relationship progressed at a natural pace—without insta-love—so that we can see them grow closer and so that their roles in the prophecy make sense. I didn’t connect with Gryf quite like how I connected with Alex, maybe because I can obviously relate to her more, but he was absolutely hero material and worthy of the heroine. I never felt like Alex could do better than him; they felt like a perfect match.

“Even had I not so vowed, I still would not leave you.” Never. “For you, compa, I will not stop.”

The world-building here is also really good. Kirk’s attention to detail shows and she does a great job of illustrating Matiran culture and its nuances. From the substantial cast of characters, to the remarkable number of terms and names that Kirk created for the alien races, as well as the variety of settings, Kirk has created a world here that is truly all-encompassing. It was slightly overwhelming to try and remember all the people and terms at first, but I still admire the thought that Kirk put into creating this world and the time spent making it feel authentic.

Prophecy combines romance and sci-fi very well. I appreciated that it didn’t go too crazy with the science fiction elements but still felt very much like a sci-fi book. The romance is sweet and the sex scenes are more sensual than explicit. Even with the concept of soul mates, it never feels like the relationship between the leads is forced. The stakes are high, there’s a dose of humor that keeps things from getting too bleak, and there are heroes to root for, including those who make up the supporting cast of characters. I especially liked Graig and Simone and wish we’d gotten to see more of their relationship, though their story isn’t left totally hanging and I was grateful to Lea for that. I’m looking forward to seeing where things go next with this series.

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