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Perfect Ten by Nikki Worrell #BookReview

Perfect Ten by Nikki Worrell #BookReview

by davincikittieSeptember 5, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Perfect Ten is a really fun read, and it’s big in a fantastical romance sort of way (there’s a lot of money thrown around and things work out ideally for the characters at all the right times). Joe, the male lead, is an escort—which doesn’t necessarily mean manwhore, but in his case we’ll just say it like it is—and this guy loves pussy in all its glorious forms. He has sex with several women before he even meets the heroine of the story, which is probably smart (since we don’t want to see him with other women after they meet). And talk about smart, the author’s prologue slyly invites readers to revel in our own sexuality just before the hero dives right into his. I love the message, and the placement is quite clever…

One suggestion, though. Take a chance and let that inner sex kitten/lion out. Don’t overthink it. Just get down and dirty and have some fun. Take this book to bed and see what happens.

Every fucking one of us is a Perfect Ten. Now go out there and shine!

This story is very body image positive. Faith, the heroine, is a size sixteen and extremely self critical of how she looks. Pretty hard not to be having grown up with a horridly judgmental (and spiteful!) mother and sisters. But she’s a sex kitten underneath all that doubt, and I love how Joe brings it out of her with just his natural antics. He loves her curves and shows her how much every time they’re even remotely near one another. As a woman who has also spent most of her adult life trying to meet the physical expectations of the media and other people, I more than identify with her struggle and I absolutely freaking adore Joe’s straight up honest sexuality. Men like women of all sizes, and even though Joe himself is model hot, he doesn’t let society’s bullshit automatically define his personal preferences.

Did you know people assume that when you’re good-looking, you want to be treated like a piece of meat? While this could be true if you want that kind of attention from a specific person, most of the time it’s downright annoying. I mean, people compliment me on everything from my eyes to my ass. Shouldn’t they be complimenting my mother? I have nothing to do with the looks I got. DNA and luck were involved with that.

With every new book I read from Jack’s House Publishing—a relatively new player in romance, championed and headed by best-selling author Marie Force—I find myself wanting more. These books embody romance in all of its complex facets, and the stories take on subjects that the big New York houses are only just starting to touch on. Perfect Ten is a great example of what Jack’s House has to offer, and I can’t wait for the next journey!

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