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Part 4 of 6: Meet the real Christopher from Eden Bradley’s Training House #giveaway #exclusive #GTSignature #Interview

Part 4 of 6: Meet the real Christopher from Eden Bradley’s Training House #giveaway #exclusive #GTSignature #Interview

by davincikittieApril 20, 2016

In yesterday’s interview excerpt, we started to see the real Christopher, reacquaint ourselves with his intensity and presence. Today’s section digs deeper into his connection to the world of kink and how Eden harnessed that energy for Boy. Read on to find out what Christopher really thinks about pony play, being a switch, and which gender he truly prefers.

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PS- This interview also has some spoilers for Boy, so if you haven’t read that yet, you may want to stop here, go back and read Eden Bradley’s Boy.

Master Signature Interview - Eden Bradley Master

Chapter 3: Eden & Christopher’s MASTER interview

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By Sue Brown-Moore (for exclusive publication on GraveTells.com)

Edited by Eden Bradley

© Sue Brown-Moore, 2016


Christopher’s face softens, and his energy shifts, sharpens. I can tell that what he feels for Damon is something different, something more. “He’s irresistible, fucking beautiful. There’s something about his coolness and remoteness that draws me in. As unbreakable as I am, I think maybe he’s even more so. And even from the bottom side of things, I’ve always wanted to break him. Making him love me has been part of that—slowly breaking him down—but it fucking breaks me down too. And I love it, and I hate it. I love him, and I hate him. But I’m the walking fucking contradiction, right?” He smirks, but I can see the struggle going on inside him.

Wow. Okay. I blink a couple times, absorbing everything he just laid out there, then glance down at my laptop. Like I’m looking for my next question, when I really just need a breather from this man’s intensity. Holy mama. A jittery, stout sip of my unfortunate drink (a quad-shot of espresso with foamed half-and-half and a brick of sugar…don’t ask. I totally did this to myself, to the great amusement of the Wicked Grounds baristas), and I’m ready for the next round. Christopher is waiting patiently, but I can tell I don’t have much time left with him. “Do you prefer men as sexual partners, or women?”

This question he doesn’t even have to think about. “It’s not about gender. It’s about the person. I remain fluid.” He looks at me as he says this, but it’s almost like he’s looking through me, remembering something private. “Could be a man, could be a woman. Could be transgender. That’s not the important factor.” Then his focus is right back on me. “Chemistry is chemistry.”

“Do you consider yourself a true switch? Have you always felt the conflicting pull between topping and bottoming?” Some people believe there is no such thing as a true switch, someone who equally craves both dishing it out and taking it, so I’m genuinely curious to hear how he defines himself.

“My whole fucking life is conflict. My whole fucking life is push and pull inside my head. There is nothing about me that could be any other way. So am I a true switch? Fuck right I am.” Well, I guess he told me. He was very succinct with that last bit. Okay, Christopher, let’s see what you’ve got for this one…

“In Boy, you participate in a full-on pony race.” I stare him steadily in the eyes as I say this next part, because I want to be clear that I’m not making fun of his kink, nor am I discounting the sheer amount of strength (both physical and emotional) it takes to put himself out there like he does. “First of all, that sounds really difficult, so…just…wow.” He flashes me a warm smile. “And secondly, you seemed really pumped about the race. What draws you to pony play?”

My honesty—and bravery! Whew, that was a tough one to ask!—is rewarded when Christopher practically swells with enthusiasm for the topic. “There’s something about ponies that’s incredibly beautiful and elegant. And being in harness makes you feel proud and totally subjugated at the same time. Especially wearing the God damn tail. And let’s face it, I’m an exhibitionist. I love nothing more than being on display and the center of attention. I want to be stronger than the other ponies. I want to be more beautiful than the other ponies. I want to perform better. Definitely brings out the competitor in me. Dressed in leather, on parade, the star of the fucking show? Can’t get any better for me than that shit.”

“Of course, I love to see Christopher all dressed up in pony gear.” Eden’s voice startles me. For a while, my world had narrowed to just me and this magnificent creature across the table. I look over at Eden and she’s got a knowing smile. She understands how Christopher affects people, and I’m pretty sure she loves it, relishes watching it happen. “As he said, the ponies are beautiful and elegant. You put someone into pony gear—even just a posture collar—and they stand up straighter. Suddenly every movement is graceful and beautiful, and they do sort of turn into another creature. It really takes them out of their head completely. And there’s just something very cool about that. I always love seeing any kind of play that’s a combination of sensuality and roughness, and ponies can be treated very sensually or very harshly, often a combination of both. Plus, Dawn is fascinated by ponies, and to be honest, the ponies were in the story initially because I wanted to give it as a gift to her.”

Dawn is Eden’s close friend and play partner. They met a few years back, and Eden mentored her in the scene. Now Dawn tops Eden when they’re able to get together. But that’s not my story to tell, so back to Christopher.

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Eden Bradley, the stunning conclusion of The Training House Series!

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She is our love, and her heart belongs to us both. My new Master claims to love me, but I doubt him. Even more, I doubt myself. I must find a way, and the path leads me there only through complete and utter submission, subjugation, handing over my soul. If I fail, I lose them both. A more cruel torture has never been devised. My heart breaks already, and it’s only just begun.


THE TRAINING HOUSE Series is Eden’s hardest-core BDSM yet! More ‘erotica’ than ‘erotic romance’, there will nevertheless be a love story woven throughout these very kinky pages.

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About the author

author Eden BradleyNew York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley writes dark, edgy erotica and erotic romance for Bantam/Delta, Harlequin Spice and HQN, Berkley Heat (as both Eden Bradley and Eve Berlin), and Samhain Publishing. Two of her books have been Romantic Times Top Picks, and her novel FORBIDDEN FRUIT was profiled in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Red Hot Reads column in 2008. More recently her BDSM book THE DARK GARDEN hit the top paperback fiction charts in the UK.

As someone who has been involved in BDSM practice for much of her adult life, she relates in particular to her BDSM and kink stories, infusing them with her own truth about kink practice from her life experiences.

Eden has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ and the Hollywood In the Flesh readings. She loves art, shoes, tattoos, reading smutty books, chocolate and sex, of course, not necessarily in that order.

Visit Eden online at her website | group blog (The Smutketeers) | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Newsletter Sign-Up


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  • Aly P
    April 21, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    What was your favorite moment in THIS interview segment?
    When he talks about Damon 🙂

    If you could ask Christopher one question, what would it be?
    If he were stranded on an island what 3 things would he want with him?

    What are your favorite moments in the Training House series?
    I don’t know… I can’t pick only 1.

    What are you most looking forward to in MASTER?
    I want to see how they cope with the change 🙂

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