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New GraveTells podcast! Join me and Eden Bradley as we chat candidly about kink IRL vs in romance #podcast

New GraveTells podcast! Join me and Eden Bradley as we chat candidly about kink IRL vs in romance #podcast

by davincikittieAugust 15, 2017

The podcast officially has MUSIC! And an INTRO! YASSS!!!

I think you guys are gonna like it! Hit play below to check out the new awesome, then listen (in a safe place, because NSFW!) to the next 60 minutes of FAB as Eden Bradley and I chat candidly about the importance of women’s sexual health, what part romance can play in it, and how kink in real life can differ from what you read in books.

“The only requirement in BDSM is safety, and that starts with transparency and negotiation” ~ Eden Bradley, GraveTells Podcast

Here are some questions and topics Eden and I talk about in this episode of the GraveTells Podcast:

  • What are kinks? How do they differ from fetishes?
  • What exactly is BDSM?
  • How do polyamory, BDSM, and fetishes measure on the kinky scale?
  • What is Primal play?
  • What exactly happens at one of Eden’s Kink Retreats and how can you learn more about attending next year?
  • What does the inside of a kink club really look like? And are sadists really that scary?
  • Why dominants in real life are probably different from the alpha males you’ve read about in books.
  • Why it’s important to separate fantasy from reality when reading kink.
  • As a writer, how do you research kink when you’re not part of the community?
  • Why labels—top, dominant, submissive—don’t matter when you play.
  • How Fifty Shades impacted the BDSM community, both in real life and in fiction.
  • Where are the safe spaces on the internet for women to explore & learn more about their sexuality?
  • How can you learn more about consent and negotiation? Sexual health at different times of your life?
  • How can reading romance can lead to a healthier psyche and sex life?

“You should not assume that because someone is kinky they are into non-monogamous sex.” ~Eden Bradley, GraveTells Podcast

Eden references several books and online resources in the podcast. Links below!

*Some are affiliate links that support GraveTells

Sign up for Eden’s courses on her website: http://edenbradley.com/education/

The New Topping Book by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy — http://amzn.to/2w0pGVr
The New Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton & Janet W. Hardy — http://amzn.to/2vGx05X
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism by Philip Miller & Molly Devon — http://amzn.to/2fIZp7k
SM 101: A Realistic Introduction (2nd Edition) by Jay Wiseman — http://amzn.to/2wcEnUV
The Compleat Spanker by Lady Green — http://amzn.to/2fKjzOe
The Loving Dominant by John, Warren, Libby Warren — http://amzn.to/2wcCTKx
Jay Wiseman’s Erotic Bondage Handbookhttp://amzn.to/2i5aPDe
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taormino — http://amzn.to/2v02zWw
The Two Knotty Boys (rope work) on YouTube — http://bit.ly/2i3OeqL
Jay Wiseman’s BDSM negotiation checklist — http://bit.ly/2w04qig
Kink Weekly’s BDSM negotiation checklist — http://bit.ly/2uN8H4X
IronGate’s (very thorough) negotiation checklist — http://bit.ly/2fJxgx6

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