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Lure of Obsession (Muse Chronicles #1) by Lisa Kessler #BookReview

Lure of Obsession (Muse Chronicles #1) by Lisa Kessler #BookReview

by davincikittieNovember 11, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Nine Muses have been reborn into modern day earth with one mission: inspire a new generation of art, and technological and intellectual progress. But not everyone wants these young women to succeed in restoring the old theater where they plan to spread their love of art, and the followers of Kronus will do whatever it takes to stop them. For each Muse, a Guardian has been chosen, and Lure of Obsession starts this series off with Melanie Jacoby as the Muse of Epic Poetry and her Guardian, Crystal City police detective Nate Malone.

“This theater you’re all trying to restore…Why would it be such a threat to the followers of Kronus?”
She stopped waking. He turned to look down into her eyes. Her smile stole his breath.
“You saw Brian in my class today. That kind of inspiration can change the world, Nate. Our theater isn’t just going to show Oklahoma. It’s going to be a meeting place for inspiration. We’ll have poets, musicians, dancers, and communities that are trying to make the world better; they’ll all come together in our theater. We’ll hang art to inspire, too. The human race will find new clean energy, cures for cancer, and hope. It’s all about inspiration.”

Part romantic suspense with a unique approach to paranormal romance, Lisa Kessler’s Lure of Obsession brings a fresh, exciting new type of story to the scene. None of the characters are immortal or have any real special powers, but their essence stems from ancient Greek mythology.

Lisa Kessler’s signature style is a mix of easy going and a little bit turbulent. The characters, especially the men, have a laid back approachability on the outside, but harbor a deep intensity and sometimes haunting backstory. As Melanie’s Guardian, Nate has a hard time checking his need for solitude against the pull she has on his heart. This detective is a survivor of brutal childhood abuse but he badly desires a loving family of his own, and while that drives him to keep others safe, it also means he protects himself against any attachments out of fear of getting hurt. As the Muse of Tragic Poetry, this plays right into Mel’s darkest fears.

She kissed his chest. “Thanks for letting me into your heart.”
He tucked her hair behind her ear. “You walked in like you had a key.”

The story arc isn’t all that surprising—this is romance, folks—but it’s the wrap at the end that will have you in tears from sheer amount of feels beaming off the pages. Ms. Kessler has really outdone herself with Lure of Obsession, and for all its suspense and muse-of-tragedy-inspired action, this story will keep you hooked until “THE END”!

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