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Guest post: Manuel Martinez of The Foxworth Coven on the vampire Council

Guest post: Manuel Martinez of The Foxworth Coven on the vampire Council

by davincikittieDecember 2, 2011

Please help us welcome The Foxworth Coven author Kayden McLeod and one of our favorite characters from Death of Innocence, Manuel Martinez, to GraveTells today!

If you haven’t read the Foxworth Coven paranormal erotica series, you can see what GT thought about the first book, Death of Innocence, here.  Now lets lend a little moral support to Manuel, one of the oldest vampires in the world, as he struggles with his computer in an effort to write this post, under the guidance of Foxworth Coven leader Canya…

Dear Reader,

Why, hello there humans! I hope this fine day treats you well. I’ve been informed I have to write a post, and in fact the short woman who just loves to order me around like I am another one of her kids—Canya Foxworth to be exact—is standing behind me ensuring I type on this computer she shoved me toward. Wait for it…oh yes, there it is. She just chastised me for telling you that. Such is life, dear Canya. I will hit send to the poster long before I allow you to erase my words! (If you’re reading this, you know I’ve succeeded.)

Anyway, Canya suggests I tell you a bit about the Council. But she limits me on a few paragraphs, when I could go on for pages upon pages about this particular subject. As Gregory got into in his own post, my brethren and I created the concept of a vampiric government to foresee and control all actions of vampires, how they impact your planet, since you were here long before we were. We thought it was only fair.

But not everyone feels like way. Personally, I don’t seek power or control over others, regardless of my position in the vampiric world. All I want is my race to be alive and thrive in the modern society, and for humanity to continue on just as they always have.

Is that too much to ask?

Many of the councilmen contest this, thinking they should have more control over humans, and civilian vampires alike. The power my brethren have given them goes straight to their heads, and the corrupt our purpose. Their choking hold in turns infuriates the civilian vampires, bringing a lot of unrest throughout the community. I suspect soon enough, the threat the Council has always represented will wear thin, no longer making people think twice about their actions. Someone will come up with the idea of civil war, though I hope we can find a solution long before then.

But as in all governments, this takes time and careful planning to bring such dramatic change. The Council has grown far bigger than myself, and so many of my brethren have decided to recede into shadows or end their own lives, making the existence of the Original Cursed Ones little more than myth and legend to so many of the younger generations. This saddens me beyond comparison that they saw so much disappointment and failure in vampires as to abandon them.

I haven’t. I am here. I still dream of a better tomorrow. I still fight for you, and for my people. I always will.

It’s been my pleasure to enlighten you this day. You can find me lurking throughout the Coven Series in its entirety. Leave a comment for a chance to win a Foxworth Coven E-Book!


Manuel Martinez


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If you would like a chance to win one of the Foxworth Coven ebooks, leave a comment on this post with your email address (so we can contact you if you win).  Ms. McLeod will randomly select a winner from the comments.  Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the enigmatic Manuel’s personality!  As one of the oldest vampires living, he has seen and learned much and it’s is an honor to have him on the blog today.  Thanks to Ms. McLeod for allowing Manuel to visit and for providing GT a copy of Death of Innocence to review!

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