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GT’s Top Romance Picks for 2015! #GTBA15 #BookBloggers

GT’s Top Romance Picks for 2015! #GTBA15 #BookBloggers

by davincikittieJanuary 3, 2016

2015 was a hectic year for me personally, so I DNF’d a higher-than-usual number of books. Or maybe my newfound impatience with lagging pacing and meh storylines is just a side effect of getting older. In any case, that means that any story I actually finished last year left a memorable impression. This short list of romances represents the best of the best from my 2015 reading list. If none of the stories I’ve chosen are already close to your own heart, I hope you’ll give them a try. THANK YOU to all the authors below for your stellar work and for entertaining me when I needed it most. Much <3!

Book of the Year

GraveTells 2015 Book of the Year - Him by SarinaBowen & ElleKennedy


Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle KennedyFrom my review of Him

[quote]This book touches on many of the challenges homosexual pro athletes still face today: discrimination, slander, the pressure to change (or hide) who they are. One of the things I enjoyed must about Wes and Jamie’s story is how their contemporaries and employers treated them fairly even when others did not.

Straight up (har har), this is a feel good romance that does everything right. The characters are addicting, the relationship is deep and well founded, and the outcome is believable. The dialogue of these two young men feels authentic: no shadow of an overtly female brain penning their thoughts and actions. Wes and Jamie are virile, rough young men, and the prose honestly reflects that.[/quote]

Read my review of Him here!

Find it on Amazon here*

Editor’s Choice Award Winners

GraveTells 2015 Editor's Choice Award - 30 Days by Christine D'Abo

30 Days (2015 Editor's Choice) by Christine D'Abo

From my review of 30 Days

[quote]This book made me laugh and cry, in just about equal measures. The storytelling is so genuine, you can’t help but fall in love with Alyssa, Harrison, and Rob. Ms. d’Abo writes from her heart, and her message in 30 days shines with sparkling clarity.

This story sweeps readers through all the emotions that come with loss, sex, and new love, and charms us with humor and characters that feel real. Whether or not you have ever lost someone you loved, 30 Days is an absolute bump-right-up-to-the-top-of-your-TBR must read![/quote]

Read my review of 30 Days here!

Find it on Amazon here*


GraveTells 2015 Editor's Choice Award - Sustained by Emma Chase

Sustained (The Legal Briefs #2) by Emma Chase

From my review of Sustained

[quote]Author Emma Chase’s signature style is an addicting mashup of wit, sarcasm, and self-confidence, with a dash of exasperation tossed in for a little extra spice. On her male characters, this equates to fearlessly sexy leading men women just can’t say no to and readers fight over to claim as their next book boyfriend. It gives her female leads an organic connection right to the heart of readers as they simultaneously want to be both the heroine and her best friend.

Sustained has heart, humor, and passion, all supporting a strong central theme of family and doing the right thing.

Sustained is a massive win for Emma Chase.[/quote]

Read my review of Sustained here!

Find it on Amazon here*


GraveTells 2015 Editor's Choice Award - Archangel's Enigma by Nalini Singh

Archangel's Enigma (Guild Hunter #8) by Nalini Singh

From my review of Archangel’s Enigma

[quote]Every Guild Hunter book is a grand adventure, but Naasir’s is fun. He has such a playful spirit that he brings life to the most mundane of situations. He’s also so naturally predatory that he has a way of both amping up and playing down danger and of getting out of situations even other members of the Seven might find challenging. His scholar mate is brilliant and has an inherent talent for fluid combat, so they are perfectly matched.

Archangel’s Enigma is part Indiana Jones, part Braveheart: adventures worthy of a rugged scholarly explorer and emotional ties so deep they grab your heart and don’t let go.

Archangel’s Enigma is by far my favorite book of the Guild Hunter series so far, and the others have all been stellar! You will not believe what goes down in this story.[/quote]

Read my review of Archangel’s Enigma here!

Find it on Amazon here*

Series of the Year

GraveTells 2015 Series of the Year - Asking For It by Lilah PaceBegging For It by Lilah Pace - 2015 Series of the Year

When Lilah Pace’s Asking For It was originally shopped around to early reviewers, it created an instant buzz. At a time when alternative lifestyle choices are finally garnering some positive media attention, this series delves into an even darker, more sensitive kink. There is something starkly vulnerable about even writing a book like this, much less exposing yourself to potentially scathing rejection from publishers. The fact that so many women flocked to Jonah & Vivienne’s story is proof that the hidden heart of sexual desire is far more diverse than public sentiment may yet be ready to accept. Hats off to Lilah Pace and Berkley Romance for daring to push boundaries and for doing it in a quality, entertaining way!

From my review of Asking For It

[quote]This book has the potential to catapult the non-consensual sex romance subgenre into the public spotlight, and bring awareness to the knowledge that many women have fantasized about rape—and still do. Asking For It clearly defines the distinction between playing out a scenario and the reality of such an act actually happening. It is important to stress that, with non-con and other lesser-publicized kinks like humiliation and shaming, the desire which playacting can stir in a person who craves the fantasy is completely separate from the potentially devastating scarring and life-altering effects of a real non-consensual situation. This book and subject matter are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy the non-con subgenre of romance, Asking For It is a rare find.[/quote]

From my review of Begging For It

[quote]Begging For It delivers all the emotional angst of a new adult book without any of the annoyingly bad life choices or irritatingly fluffy characterizations. It’s edgy romance for a discriminating, mature audience.

The contrast between the ferocity of their scenes and the tenderness of their love is an interesting dichotomy that settles into the story very organically and makes it feel real. Even though these two damaged people love and need each other, they still bear the scars of their past. Ms. Pace has crafted a unique, gripping story.[/quote]

Read my reviews of Asking For It and Begging For It here!

Find ’em on Amazon*: Asking For it (#1) | Begging For It (#2)

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