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#GTRCA13 Twitter Party: Find out who made the GraveTells Readers Choice 2013 nominees list and win fab prizes!

#GTRCA13 Twitter Party: Find out who made the GraveTells Readers Choice 2013 nominees list and win fab prizes!

by davincikittieDecember 5, 2013

All your nominations are in and the finalists are being tallied!  Join us on Sunday, December 8th 2013 at 2pm Pacific time (4pm Central / 5pm Eastern)  to find out who will be vying for this years coveted Readers Choice awards!  If you’ve never attended a Twitter Party, you are in for a TON of fun!  We’ll have prizes galore, live DJs and “bartenders”, and all the girltalk you can stand… all as we unveil the 2013 GTRCA nominees and celebrate the best of this year’s romances!  If you’re wondering how exactly we plan to have a “DJ” or “bartender”… well, you’ll just have to come join the fun to find out!


The party will last for 90 minutes and we will give away prizes (including some signed books and gift cards) periodically, as well as make the announcements for all 25 GraveTells Readers Choice categories.  Yes, TWENTY-FIVE.  God help us, there’ll be no sleep til these bad boys are all tallied!

Sounds like fun! How do I attend & participate?

It’s super easy.  Here’s all you need to do:

  • Open up Twitter (or another tweet service, like HootSuite) and log in
  • In the search bar, or on a custom search results page you set (using a tweet service like HootSuite), enter the hashtag string #GTRCA13
  • Once the search results load, you should see a feed of tweets all using #GTRCA13 and will be able to see everything we do by refreshing the page (which you might want to do frequently, to keep up!)
  • To participate, all you need to do is send a tweet with #GTCRA13 in the body of the message and it will appear on the feed
  • Any questions? Post ’em here so you can be ready to rock when it’s party time!

Can’t wait to share who your 2013 romance rock stars are!  See you at #GTRCA13!

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