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GraveTells Readers Choice 2012 Nominee Spotlight: Most Promising New Author

GraveTells Readers Choice 2012 Nominee Spotlight: Most Promising New Author

by davincikittieDecember 19, 2012

When we announced the nominees for the Author Awards earlier this week, I contacted all the authors who were nominated for Most Promising New Author and offered them the chance to be part of this spotlight event. Highlighted below are participating authors who chose a blogger to represent them and let us know why they stand apart from all the other new paranormal romance authors of 2012. Below are the nominees and their enthusiastic blogger representatives…

The nominees…

Click the author’s name below for a link to her own dedicated page!


Selection guidelines…

Nominees in the Most Promising New Author category were chosen using the following criteria…

  • Authored a story reviewed by in 2012
  • GraveTells review score of the story was 4.0/5 or greater
  • Story was published no earlier than December 2011
  • Story elements were skillfully executed, including world-building, complex & relatable characters, engaging storylines, and emotional depth, as expressed by the reviewer in her GraveTells review
  • Author first published a story in the genre of paranormal romance or urban fantasy no earlier than December 2011. Note: The 2012 nominees in this category also all happen to be first-time published authors in any genre, not just paranormal. Hats off to you all!


Let’s hear from the bloggers!

Sharon Stogner @ I Smell Sheep on author Elisabeth Staab

Elisabeth deserves to win because she knows how to appeal to readers and work with bloggers. The publishing world has changed and an author’s ability to utilize the blogging community has become an important part of the process. Most importantly; Elisabeth can write a story that grabs and seduces the reader. Not only do the hero and heroine give you a great ride (double-entendre intended) but the secondary characters are just as complex and intriguing. So you get more bang for your buck! (Yes, another double-entendre! We are talking PNR here )

As a blogger it is important for an author to be dependable and quick with correspondence. I’ve worked with Elisabeth many times and she always answers my emails in a timely manner and has gone that extra mile to make my life as a blogger easier. She appreciates and respects the blogging community.

Why should you vote for Elisabeth? She brings the smexy, the PNR emotional roller-coaster we all love to ride, vampires we can fantasize about, embraces her fans and appreciates the efforts of the blogging community. WINNING!

Visit Sharon online at I Smell Sheep


Kat Latham on author Moriah Densley

Superheroes. Gorgeous superheroes with a strong moral code and roots in some of the sexiest countries in the world (a ripped berserker with a Scottish accent, anyone?). Moriah Densley creates absolutely delicious heroes to feed paranormal romance fans’ craving for unusual, but unfailingly hunky, characters.

Moriah’s heroes aren’t the only thing setting her stories apart in readers’ towering TBR piles. Her heroines are highly intelligent and take no guff from anyone—no matter how hot he might be. They fully embrace their geekiness, and so do their heroes.

Moriah’s writing is richly sensuous, but she’s also perfect for any reader who feels uncomfortable with graphic sex scenes.

The attraction between her characters is as powerful as her heroes’ biceps, but Moriah gives her characters time to develop a real, deep relationship based on trust and respect before they do the dirty.

One more in my long list for why I’m a Moriah Densley devotee is that I always learn new and fascinating things in her novels. She’s interested in so many things and she works that research into her stories in magnificent ways. Her bio says that she sees nothing odd at all about keeping both a violin case and a range bag stuffed with pistols in the back seat of her car—so believe me when I say you’ll find her stories full of action and sensuality.

Moriah Densley is awesome, and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with in 2013.

Visit Kat online at


Paige Nolley on author Sara King

To create the average paranormal romance/urban fantasy, the author must include: lots of sex, minimal plot, something dark and evil—ideally trying to destroy the world, a heroine who is the Only One who can save the world, incredibly sexy male lead to assist and for the heroine to bone WHEN SHE’S READY—and then every ten pages after that.
This is NOT what Sara King writes.

In a paranormal romance by Sara King, one will find: settings so rich you fall asleep dreaming about them, characters who are REAL (you alternately want to throttle them, cry for them, drool all over them, cheer them on, scream at them, and steal them out of the book to keep as a pet),

plot twists that will have you clutching your Kindle so tight you forget to worry about breaking it, wit so sharp it will slice the cackle right from your throat… tales so enthralling you would give up chocolate for a whole year just to read one more page.

Sara King is an innovator, a literary and creative genius, and she writes REALLY fast—when she’s not micromanaging every aspect of her newly founded publishing company or mentoring a newer author. Above all, Sara writes stories you FEEL. With every fiber of your being, you FEEL the story. That is something incredibly special and rare. She’s one to watch out for, folks. And by far the most promising new author I’ve seen this year.

Visit Paige online at


Kimba @ the Caffeinated Book Reviewer on author Susannah Sandlin

When I am reading, there is a high that I chase, one where I find myself completely immersed in a tale; where reality and the world around me fade away. Susannah Sandlin’s Penton Legacy series provides that high. She offers a refreshing paranormal romance series with smexy, tough, flawed vampires. Her vampires are complex, flawed and she makes you care about them. Sandlin’s characters and the situations they find themselves in become real to the reader as the lines of reality blur. She slowly builds the suspense, drawing you in, making you care and you quickly find yourself completely immersed in the characters and their story. Her world building and writing style allow the story to flow as she paints a 3-D image of the world with the stroke of her pen. Each character is unique and easily identifiable by their action, voice and mannerism. While each tale focuses on a key couple, she skillfully weaves the threads of other characters into the tale all while adding to the overall plot which weaves all of the books together drawing you in.

Sandlin is a talented writer who brings her tales to life creating magic for the reader and offering them the perfect escape from life’s daily grind. I would purchase her work sight unseen. Some books I enjoy and soon forget but Sandlin’s characters and the world she creates stay with me long after I close the book and have me eager to return counting the days to the next release.

Visit Kimba online at


Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup on author Tes Hilaire

Have you ever found an author whose writing grabs you in so completely you seriously cannot put down their books once you’ve started? For me that author is Tes Hilaire.

From sinfully sexy heroes that will have you smitten to the strong, independent women they fall in love with and an amazing secondary cast, the world she’s created with her Paladin Warriors series, and the people that live there, are impossible to resist. Her heroes are men you can be proud of and want as your own and her heroines women you’d want to have a girls night out with and call your best friend.

One of the things that makes Hilaire such a promising new author is that the amazing world she’s created has such universal appeal and is the perfect fit for paranormal romance fans, those that like a little urban fantasy feel to their stories and even those just dipping their toes into the paranormal world.

Hilaire pairs richly developed, action packed and edgy storylines with luscious romances that will curl your toes and make you a little weak in the knees. And does so perfectly. Her Warriors aren’t your every day shifters or vamps either but descendants of angels who can kick some serious ass. With her bold, hold nothing back writing and fresh take on the paranormal world Hilaire is an author everyone should keep an eye out for in the years to come.

Visit Anna online at

Thank you SO MUCH to Sharon, Kat, Paige, Kimba, and Anna for helping make this event so great!! <3 to you all and best of luck to the authors!

See the schedule & all the nominees for the 2012 GraveTells Readers Choice Awards here…

So who has your early vote?

You’ve heard the testimony, now it’s time to get ready to cast your vote. Official voting doesn’t start until December 21st, so let’s dish about who our favorites are until then!

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