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Gìveaway: Lisa Rayns chats about her novella, Curse of Egyptian Goddess

Gìveaway: Lisa Rayns chats about her novella, Curse of Egyptian Goddess

by davincikittieFebruary 19, 2012

Let’s give a big welcome to Lisa Rayns, author of Curse of the Egyptian Goddess!

Thanks for having me! Curse of the Egyptian Goddess is my first novella and my first work in Urban Fantasy.

When my full-length manuscript was picked up by a publisher, I wanted to explore the world of the Indy and in writing this novella, I learned a lot about it. I had a lot of fun creating it too, since Egyptian curses have always intrigued me. But this book is not strictly about a curse.

One reviewer called it sexually charged and I admit I took full advantage of the freedom that goes along with self-publishing. It gets HOT in spots. I do not promote this book to teenagers but I’ve found they enjoy it very much.

Paranormal Romance is my favorite genre to write in. My first full-length novel, Wanted: Vampire – Free Blood, will be out soon so be sure to check it out!

Curse of the Egyptian Goddess  

Genre: Urban Fantasy

by Lisa Rayns

Given her ten-year curse that leaves her beaten and bruised, Emma Patrix has grown accustomed to drinking away the pain. And with a trail of dead bodies behind her, it was only a matter of time before the law caught up.

Now she’s accused of murder and she must flee the country to find the one man who can help her break the curse-Calvin Konrad. She finally catches up with him in Egypt, but he’s not the same sweet boy she remembers from her childhood. And getting him to help her proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

Here’s where you can find Lisa! 

Read an excerpt…

By Monday morning, I had come to grips with my situation and had a firm understanding of where I stood.

Nine days ago I was accused of murder, eight days ago I broke the law by hopping on a plane to Egypt, and now I was completely fucked without Calvin’s help.

I wore a long sleeved black shirt with my black jeans because they suited my mood. At least the stewardess still served me and I felt better, almost numb when I entered the airport back in Madison. Unfortunately, I had a feeling the man rushing toward me in the terminal was about to kill my buzz.

Detective Cade wore another crinkled suit. He had his cuffs in hand, dark circles under his eyes, and deep lines of irritation streaked his forehead. I smiled and waved but the stuffy ass wasn’t amused.

He growled as he pulled my wrists behind my back and slapped the handcuffs on. “You can’t leave a note that says you’ll be back in two weeks when I told you not to leave town.”


“Christ! Are you permanently bruised?” He sounded cross, but he loosed the cuffs a little.

Buzz gone, I sighed before I turned back. “You’re going to have to carry my bag now. You realize that?”

Would you like a copy of Curse of the Egyptian Goddess?

Lisa is giving away an e-copy to everyone who leaves her a comment today! Be sure to leave your email address in your comment so she can contact you!

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