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Fierce & Fabulous (Sassy Boyz #1) by Elizabeth Varlet #BookReview

Fierce & Fabulous (Sassy Boyz #1) by Elizabeth Varlet #BookReview

by davincikittieJuly 4, 2016

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They all looked fucking sexy. Maybe to some, confusing as hell. But that’s what they were all about. He smacked his ruby-red lips, fluffed his hair, and adjusted his package.
“Ready to work, bitches?” Lirim asked?
“They won’t know what hit ’em.”
“Damn straight.”
“Well, not straight,” Tam said.
“Bent. Really, really bent,” Ansel said, and they all laughed.
Yes, pushing the boundaries was what he lived for.
He wanted to twist the fuck out of normal and leave the world baffled in his wake.

Fierce and Fabulous is unlike any gay romance I’ve ever read. It’s real and gritty but rides an undercurrent of hope and courage. Its characters are unapologetically unique and true to themselves even in the face of loss and danger. The attraction on Fitch’s side falls into the “gay for you” category while Ansel wears his preferences on his sparkly sleeves for everyone to revel in.

The click-click-click of heels came from behind and he turned to see Ansel approaching from around the corner.
He took in the sight. The guy wore sparkling black heels, a pair of tight black pants, and a baggy shirt that said “I woke up like this” written in gold sequins. He shimmered with metallic jewelry, long necklaces, bangles, and oversized rings. The light from the streetlamp made it seem like the words were glowing, and his shoes were filled with stars. Fucking dazzling.

Fitch is such a balanced, stand-up guy. The owner of a construction company, he’s got a rugged image that contrasts starkly with Ansel’s dolled up diva persona, but his patience, understanding, and open-mindedness (especially about his own sexuality) are refreshing and unexpected. Early on in the story, I worried that Fitch’s attraction to Ansel would be based on Ansel’s physical similarity to a woman, but Ms. Varlet kept Fitch true to the romance in all the right ways. He’s a solid guy, someone you’d be lucky to have as a friend, even more fortunate to snag as a life partner.

“The real you is a magnetic, funny man who is interesting and beautiful, full of confidence and strength. Never, ever dull your shine, Angel, not for me, not for anyone. You make the world a brighter place.”

Ansel, on the other hand, is practically his own star, burning so brightly and with so much potential that people naturally gravitate to him. And not all the people he attracts have his best interests in mind. Ansel Becke is one hell of a hot mess! This very memorable man has been shaped by a traumatic childhood colored in shades of bigotry, abuse, and neglect by the people who should have protected and nurtured him most fiercely. He’s an addict who secretly yearns for so much, but is so scared to try that he keeps the world at bay with sarcasm and sass, flaunting the differences that make him stand out.

With his feminine features and liberal use of nail polish and makeup, people always assumed he was a girl. It wasn’t his job to convince them of his gender, one way or the other. Was it his fault people let their assumptions get them into trouble? It’s not like he was going to wear a sign on his head that said Warning. Cock attached.
He wore what he liked and to hell with what other people thought. Though, okay, maybe he did add a little swish to his walk when cute guys were watching.

This story is emotional and gripping, the first in a series about a quartet of men who each dazzle in their own unique way. Recommended for readers who love sassy, fabulous, ballsy male-male romance.

“So, Meg’s friend said you guys aren’t drag queens.”
“She’s right. I am nowhere near as fierce as a queen.”
“But you wear heels and makeup. What’s the difference?”
“I don’t tuck, most queens do. They often wear fake breasts too. Drag is for show. A performance. We don’t try to pass ourselves off as women. We dress like this every day. We just like pretty things.”

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