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Feature & Follow: Meet Mandee @ Compelled By Words!

Feature & Follow: Meet Mandee @ Compelled By Words!

by davincikittieJanuary 10, 2013

One of my New Year’s blog resolutions is to be more social within the blog-o-sphere.  I get so caught up in keeping GT running, prepping for upcoming months and juggling all the current guest posts and reviews, that I start to feel like an island out here on my own.  Well that’s no fun, so enough!  In 2013, we’re going to participate in Parajunkee’s Feature & Follow Friday meme once a month.  If you frequent GT, you’ve probably noticed we don’t do many memes or hops… a few here and there, but overall I find more value in unique content.  So tell me what you guys think of this deviation from normal programming!  Like it?  Want to see more memes?  More… something else?  *grin*

Meet Mandee from Compelled By Words!

I first met Mandee through a prize snafu with one of our tours last fall.  She’d won a high-profile book and two months later it still hadn’t arrived.  I felt terrible!  So we started chatting and she was so sweet and understanding… and definitely a fellow book addict! When I saw PJ’s FF feature, I knew Mandee would be the perfect blogger to start with.  You know the drill… we sat down, I grilled her, she gracefully took it in stride.  =D  Here’s what went down…

DVK: How long have you been blogging?
Mandee: It will be a year February 1st, which also happens to be my 30th birthday!

DVK: Oooo, happy early birthday!! What inspired you to start?
Mandee: I always loved books, but once I started working at a book store it kinda turned into an obsession. None of my friends really read or care what I had to say so I needed an outlet. And here I am!

DVK: What types of books do you feature?
Mandee: Right now only young adult (of any kind). Soon I’ll be reviewing self help/personal growth books related to veganism, yoga, buddhism and others.

DVK: Oh, that sounds great! Which of your monthly/periodic features is your favorite and why?
Mandee: I don’t actually have features right now, but I’ll be bringing my “Book VS Movie” back soon and I always loved that one cause it’s fun to compare the two.

DVK: When choosing authors to invite for guest posts and tours, what do you look for?
Mandee: It takes a lot to really impress me, so when I read a book that gives me that “wow” feeling when I’m through, I MUST get to know the author.

DVK: Tell us one thing about you no one else knows!
Mandee: I named my first child after a character on Sailor Moon.

DVK: Who is your absolute favorite book boyfriend?
Mandee: I know he’s gay an all, but Magnus from the Infernal Devices/Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. If only I had gotten to him first…


Okay, time for “the drill”.  Answer quickly, the first thing you think of!

DVK: Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, or Star what?
Mandee: Star no.

DVK: Stilettos or sneakers?
Mandee: Sneakers. I barely have the balance to walk in those, let alone some crazy heels.

DVK: Leather or lace?
Mandee: Leather, rawr!

DVK: Alpha males: Hero hotness or Way too overplayed?
Mandee: Depends on the guy. It can be hot but not if they overdo it, and they must have something going for them.

DVK: Hand-cuffs or hand-holding?
Mandee: Cuffs!

DVK: Fangs or fur?
Mandee: Fur. Although it was VERY hard to make that choice!

DVK: How many books did you read in 2012?
Mandee: 69 *snicker*

DVK: What’s your book goal for 2013?
Mandee: To read at least 100 books and meet more awesome bookish people!


DVK: Thank you so much for being our guest! How can our readers follow you?


Feature Question for DVK:

If you could choose one supernatural being/creature to really exist, what would it be and why?

Ooo toughie! Vampires is the easy answer, because GT is sorta obsessed with them, but I’m actually gonna go with witches. The kind in Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors series, because they use quantum physics and advanced string theory to literally manipulate the world. So they’re not just “magical”, they’re crazy smart too! Would I like to be a witch? You betcha! And I’ll take Connlan Kayrs as my mate, thank you very much! *Grin*

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