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Everywhere and Every Way (Billionaire Builders #1) by Jennifer Probst #BookReview

Everywhere and Every Way (Billionaire Builders #1) by Jennifer Probst #BookReview

by davincikittieJune 10, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

The way this story starts out is reminiscent of J.R. Ward’s Bourbon Kings: a wealthy family on the outs with each other and facing financial ruin, a story steeped in southern facade and down-home roots, a tragic past on both sides of the money.

“I heard nice guys finish last. I like to come in first.”
“That ridiculous philosophy was constructed by a bunch of popular teenage girls who got obsessed with the bad-boy phenomena. They weren’t mature enough to see that emotional torture and pain does not reflect success in relationships. Nice guys get the real women because they have staying power.”

Morgan Raines is a powerhouse designer. She knows what her clients want and she has the singular drive and inspiration to make it happen at any cost. This woman is a barracuda in a Vera Wang suit with the smooshy heart and romantic soul of a southern belle. She is dynamic, a mesmerizing flurry of directed, organized chaos. Prickly, no nonsense Morgan meets her match in the oldest Pierce brother, stubborn and skilled in more ways than one. These two steamed up the pages of my e-reader from the inside, they sizzle so hot.

“I’m not scared of love, Morgan. I’m scared of screwing up again with someone who doesn’t feel the same way.”
Her heart skittered in her chest, barely able to keep up her breathing. His words held a truth and intimacy she hadn’t expected from tonight, especially so early. As if he sensed her hovering on the brink, he reached out and pushed her over.
“I’ll tell you this. He was an asshole if he wanted anything more than he wanted you.”

There’s just something about Cal. Oh he’s definitely large and in charge (in the bedroom and in the business), but he’s also perceptive and soft-hearted, at least where Morgan is concerned. Caleb Pierce is a man’s man—with all the juicy physique that implies—who yearns for family, for rebuilding what was broken long ago. This book lays out the foundation for the Pierce brothers’ reconciliation while strategically delving into their painful history. And the bond between the brothers…exquisitely penned. These guys so badly want to find their way back to one another, and watching them struggle with each new challenge just tightens that feeling of rightness and family.

There was a darkness in Tristan that bothered Cal. A sad place he couldn’t seem to reach, as if the best parts of his life were already behind him, and he’d accepted it without a fight.

The series is excellently grounded too. Property Brothers meets Houses of the Rich and Famous meets (a tamer version of) JR Ward’s Bourbon Kings, I simply cannot wait for more. The author leaves just enough of a history trail to keep readers wanting more without spilling all the goods, and she knows just how to weave an intriguing and sexy-as-hell romance between two people who couldn’t be more different. The love interests of the other brothers are also hinted at in this story, so the anticipation for the next book is already burning.

“What’s cooking?” Tristan asked, peering into the supersized Wolfe oven.
“Spiral ham. Shrimp with grits. Zucchini and carrots. Biscuits and gravy.”
“Damn, this is better than I thought. How’d you get to be such a good cook when you’re stuck in hotels host of the time?” Tristan asked.
Morgan smiled and handed Dalton a stack of fancy China plates. “Here, set the table. My mama is Southern born and raised, so I learned to cook when I was young. Ya’ll don’t understand a woman is nothing if she can’t put a solid meal on the table and serve in three-inch heels.”

Quite simply, I loved it! And I cannot wait for the next Pierce Brothers story!

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