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Discussion Series: The Hero Chronicles

Discussion Series: The Hero Chronicles

by davincikittieNovember 3, 2011


The Hero Chronicles

A discussion series by GraveTells

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Getting lost in a book is a heady thing, addicting and enticing.
Our favorite stories call to us with seductive whispers of travel and adventures and trysts. [floatquote]What makes a book’s hero to die for?[/floatquote]
Our favorite authors ensnare us with passion, intrigue, and action sequences fit for a comic book superhero.  We like our men commanding and our women with spine and spunk.  We take our villains with a side of diabolic and a dash of sarcastic.
[floatquote]What makes for a heroine you’d like to hang with?[/floatquote] We expect to be impressed, mystified, challenged, and turned on by the stories that keep us coming back for more.
That, my friends, is a tough bill to fit and a scary thing for authors, whether just starting out or old pros. The more your fans like your work, the more they expect. And with all the fantastic creative literary talent in the market today, how does an aspiring author get noticed?
Enter The Hero Chronicles, GraveTells’ first ever discussion series. [floatquote]What makes a villain you love to hate?[/floatquote]
During the month of November, we’ll be focusing on what elements of a story make for great entertainment, specifically what aspects of the hero, heroine, villain, and world (setting) call to us and make us want to read about them over and over.
[floatquote]What makes a world you just can’t wait to dive into?[/floatquote] Join us during the month of November, and tell us what YOU think makes a great hero, heroine, villain, and world.
As a “thank you”, we’ll be giving away random swag to one lucky commenter each week, and gift card to the Book Depository at the end of the month, so check back often for new discussions!


Check out the links below to see each discussion topic as it posts…

The Hero
November 4-10

The Heroine
November 11-17

The Villain
November 25-30

*Note: the links above will not be live until the date shown below it!

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