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Destiny (Brightest Kind of Darkness #3) by P.T. Michelle #BookReview

Destiny (Brightest Kind of Darkness #3) by P.T. Michelle #BookReview

by Rachel ElizabethSeptember 14, 2016

*** This review contains some small spoilers for the book, particularly for readers new to the series. ***

It seems that every book in the Brightest Kind of Darkness series just keeps getting better and better! I loved Destiny! It has the right balance of romance and drama, and action and mystery. I liked that lots of questions were answered during this book—and new ones were raised, of course. We get to learn more about the ravens that are such a prominent part of this series and we finally get answers concerning Ethan’s transformation. When he returned at the end of Lucid, it was clear that something in him had changed, and Destiny explores those changes. I have to say that I love this new Ethan. He’s even more protective and possessive- not to mention his new skills as a warrior for the Corvus are hot!

Speaking of the Corvus, I found the whole concept of that particular part of the story to be fascinating. I think it’s really interesting how each Corvus warrior relates to the Master Corvus. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Corvus’s relationship with the Order.

[quote]the addition of his POV this time around gave some great insight into Ethan’s thoughts and behavior. [/quote]

Ethan and Nara’s relationship is still a main component of this series, but it doesn’t overshadow everything else that’s going on. I like that P.T. Michelle decided to switch POVs in Destiny between the two of them. I think the addition of his POV this time around gave some great insight into Ethan’s thoughts and behavior. Plus, being able to read from his POV was really sweet, as we as readers got to see the depth of Ethan’s love for Nara and how truly dedicated he is to her. Their relationship is definitely tested in Destiny because Ethan loses his memory of the past month while he was away after an accident right at the beginning of the story. He has to try and piece together all the information he learned while he was gone.

Outside forces continue to provide a challenge to their relationship, and seeing them overcome those forces was really satisfying. Drystan is still his charming self, and though he has feelings for Nara, I’m really glad P.T. Michelle didn’t decide to incorporate the ultimate love triangle into this book. Ethan and Nara are pretty secure and confident in their feelings for one another, even when they’re having problems. And did I mention that this book is the steamiest one in the series yet? Because it is. Things heat up between Ethan and Nara, and it’s pretty hot for a YA book. In fact, some of the sexual scenes in Destiny are more New Adult than Young Adult, which is just fine by me.

So while Nara and Ethan develop as a couple, they also develop as individuals. Nara uncovers more truths about her past and finally gets some of the answers she’s been desperately seeking regarding her father. Ethan discovers more about who he is and the role he’s meant to play in the battle against evil. Fate, of course, is present in this book and he also continues to be an issue. I love when Nara stands up to him. Very few would have that courage.

After the bombshell P.T. Michelle dropped at the end of Destiny, I’m dying to see where things go next. Ethan and Nara still have some serious decisions to make about their future, and I can’t wait to see what those choices will be.

Memorable Quotes:


“Why are you taking Latin?” Matt asks.
“I’m not.”
His brows shoot up. “You translate things in Latin on your own?”
When I nod, Matt looks at me like I’m some kind of alien. But if I rubbed car grease all over myself, dressed in fitted clothes and grew a few inches, suddenly I would turn him and the entire guy population at school on? Grrrr.

Girl, say yes. Seriously.

“Since you can’t believe anything that comes out of my mouth, I only know one way to show you how I feel. And tonight you’re going to let me.”
His intensity leaves me speechless, and when I don’t answer right away, his hold on my hands tightens. “Say yes, Nara.”

Gotta love a confident guy…

“I don’t share you,” he says, shaking his head in three quick jerks. “Not with it, not with anyone.” Pushing me back onto the bed, he drops his knee between my legs as he plants a slow, worshiping kiss to my chest. “Not now.” Another heated kiss sears my skin a bit lower as he releases the first button on my shirt. “Not ever.”
While his fingers undo the buttons down my shirt, he feathers light kisses along the swell of my breast above my bra. I try to remain focused, but he’s quickly hijacking my ability to think. Before I lose my thoughts completely, I say, “It’s totally my choice to share…or not. No one owns me. Remember?”
He finishes the last button, then flips the bottom flap back to press a lingering, reverent kiss to my belly button before he looks at me, a dark, knowing smile curving his lips. “You won’t want anyone else, Sunshine.”

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