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Deadly Silence (Blood Brothers #1) by Rebecca Zanetti #BookReview

Deadly Silence (Blood Brothers #1) by Rebecca Zanetti #BookReview

by davincikittieSeptember 24, 2016

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

“It’s time you stopped holding yourself back. Not all guys will leave like your dad did or die like your mom did.” Julie cleared her throat.
Zara breathed out, her mind spinning. “Maybe not, but Ryker’s a leaver.” No way would the tough private eye be a soccer dad or attend ballet recitals.

When Deadly Silence starts, Zara and Ryker are already, ah, acquainted…

“I have a grandmother.”
“I know,” he said. “Her name is Patricia Remington, and she lives over on Orchid Street. Is on an old people’s trip right now.”
She jerked. “How do you know that?”
“I checked you out after the first night.” His eyelids opened, and those odd greenish blue eyes homed in on her. “I know who I’m bangin’, darlin’.”

His badass renegade vibe and protective, possessive reactions to Zara reminded me of Kristen Ashley’s Mystery Man*, another story I loved. There’s no question that Rebecca Zanetti’s heroes are strong, capable, large-and-in-charge type of guys. They are protectors at heart and get very possessive of their ladies. Ryker is true to that standard, and Zara is just the sort of heroine that lights up for a man who will take care of her absolutely, in every way, but still values her independence and personal strength.

For the first time, she saw a side of him that gave her true pause. In the long haul, he’d be unbearably possessive. Why did that give her an intriguing sense of safety?

She’s also smart, capable, and persistent with a side of sassy that gets under Ryker’s skin in the best way.

“If you make me come and get you, I’ll make you beg tonight.”
A full-body shiver took her, and it had nothing to do with fear. Oh, she’d begged him before, and the result had been multiple orgasms that still filled her dreams. Her breath quickened. A flush worked under her skin, sensitizing her breasts. “You have to listen to me.”
“I plan to listen to a whole lot from you.”

This story is set in the Sins Brothers story world but features a completely new set of enhanced brothers, men whose childhood took a somewhat different path from the boys who grew up on the military base under the brutal hand of the Commander. Deadly Silence is well balanced with just enough tie-in to the earlier series to appeal to existing fans and gives a fresh start with a new set of vulnerable badasses whose dynamic is similar but just different enough to intrigue. I also appreciated the references and shades of meaning layered into the book’s title: domestic abuse, the hunt for a serial killer, the final silence of death.

Allowing Zara to see the real him, the asshole at his core, was not an option. Hell. She’d seen the asshole, but she hadn’t seen the monster—the one ruled by emotion and unable to think clearly to protect everyone. Anger ruled the monster, and Ryker ruled the anger, so he won. Every time he controlled his temper, he beat every bully who had ever tried to make him something else. Somebody else.

There was a moment in Deadly Silence where I actually had an eyes-bugged-OMG! moment and had to go back to Total Surrender to check my memory. I love how Ms. Zanetti wove everything together.

The Lost Boys—Ryker and his blood brothers—flaunt many of the same alpha personality traits as Ms. Zanetti’s Dean (Sins) brothers, but carry a wild edge, a rough and untamed (almost unpredictable) air of determination. And Ryker himself reminded me at times of Talen from the Dark Protectors—good natured but intense and dominant as hell when it comes to protecting his woman, even when she doesn’t see herself as his and even when he thinks she needs to be protected from herself. Translation: he’s overwhelmingly bossy, but she kinda likes it. 😉

“With everything going on right now, I’m just not sure where we stand.”
“We stand together. Take off your clothes.” He stopped moving beneath the water. Vulnerability flashed across his face for the briefest of seconds.

For those of you who normally read ebook, consider buying this one in paperback format. There are three extra scenes at the end: a deleted scene, a short little how-they-met scene, and a preview scene from the next book in the series. As of the writing of this review, you will only find that bonus material in the paperback version, and—though they may be short—for fans of the Sins Brothers series the extra little scenes are worth the few extra dollars!

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