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Crosstown Crush (Sins in the City #1) by Cara McKenna #BookReview

Crosstown Crush (Sins in the City #1) by Cara McKenna #BookReview

by davincikittieSeptember 16, 2015

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

It’s refreshing to see a prominent, established publisher like Penguin taking on some of the lesser-known kinks and doing it in a sensitive, resourceful way. Where Lilah Pace recently introduced readers to the fantasy of non-consensual sex in Asking For It, Crosstown Crush follows a couple’s first steps past bedroom shaming role play into full-on cuckolding, and it’s a lot hotter than you may think. Exhibitionist meets psuedo-menage meets humiliation: this story is a dynamite mix of all the naughty, spicy, forbidden things!

Cuckolding is a difficult kink to portray without bias, as it’s based in deep, complex emotions and walks some very fine relationship lines. It’s also a lot less widely understood than the more common kinks of voyeurism and exhibitionism, even though it does include elements of both. Crosstown Crush takes on the challenge of teaching readers about cuckolding and beautifully rides the edge of discomfort without crossing hard limits (well, none of mine anyway!). The story and characters continually push the boundaries of what defines a relationship and flirt with the other side of “right”.

The emotional arc in Crosstown Crush is believable and realistic. The story is sexy and edgy and lit me up with a veritable rainbow of emotions: love, arousal, fear, shame, regret, anger, friendship, humor, comfort, indulgence, loss, redemption.

The ending wraps up this chapter of the budding three-way relationship but leaves the story open for future possibilities. I can’t wait to see where Mike, Samira, and Bern take their unique connection next, and I will gladly go along for that ride! Original and heartfelt, Crosstown Crush is a must read for anyone who identifies with the kinks of menage, humiliation, or exhibitionism. Those of you who just read this review and felt any sort of negativity should stay far away, as this is not going to be your thing. =)

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