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Book Review: Served Hot (Portland Heat #1) by Annabeth Albert

Book Review: Served Hot (Portland Heat #1) by Annabeth Albert

by davincikittieMarch 26, 2015

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Served Hot is a cozy read about two men who meet and dance a slow, heartwarming romance over coffee. The story is told from Robbie’s POV in first person, which really showcases his adorable personality and geeky Portland ways. David is very “accountant”, with his starched shirts and awkward segues, and harbors a painful, emotionally debilitating past.

There were moments in this story that gave real, truly touching, glimpses into the deeper emotions that blend together a couple’s yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. The plot didn’t feel contrived or rushed (whew, definitely not rushed!) and each time Robbie would start to get frustrated or fed up with something between him and David, I would find myself reaching that same point as an empathetic observer. And each time, David came back with a realistic and understandable reason for why he is who he is, so the story is believable and well crafted.

Overall, I enjoyed the Served Hot but was hoping for something with more oomph. I felt that this was an okay one-time read but not a book I’ll be inspired to go back to or remember much about next month or even next week. It felt somewhat insular, with all the focus squarely on the growth aspects of the relationship. I would have enjoyed seeing through David’s POV periodically to break up the monotony a bit, but generally a cozy read with gentle wit and a satisfying ending.

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