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Book Review: Finding Lacey Moon (Hope Falls #1) by Donya Lynne

Book Review: Finding Lacey Moon (Hope Falls #1) by Donya Lynne

by davincikittieFebruary 13, 2015

You may know the name Donya Lynne from her bestselling paranormal series All the King’s Men—which has become one of my personal favorite vampire romance series—but you may not have seen her contemporary romances yet, and they are every bit as good.

Finding Lacey Moon is the first book in a series about the people of Hope Falls, a small tight-knit community which is home to almost-star football player Scott McCord and his daughter Savannah. When Lacey, snowboarding champion and two-time Olympic superpipe gold medalist, needs a place to escape to and re-evaluate her life, she lands in Hope Falls. The romance between Scott and Lacey, a.k.a. Mattie, is adorably sweet and slow-building, infusing both characters with vulnerability and sincerity. This book flirts with the top edge of New Adult territory, due to Lacey’s age and personal story arc, but (thankfully, for those who spurn that younger-feeling genre) plants itself firmly in adult contemporary romance-land thanks to the maturity of both characters and the heavier feel of Scott’s life experiences.

When you began to resent the day in and day out of your career, it was time to look elsewhere for fulfillment. ~ Lacey Moon

I loved Scott as the hero in this; he’s your average (albeit quite hot) everyday man, building a life for himself and his daughter while trying to heal emotionally from a tragic accident that stole his football career years ago. Scott is not “alpha”, nor is he a pushover. He is sincere, direct, and respectable, the kind of man you’d want your daughter to date. Mathilda Lacey Moon is a young woman truly finding herself for the first time, and Ms. Lynne did a fantastic job in bringing her—and the sport of women’s snowboarding—to vivid life. I felt her triumphs and trials, when she was “communing with the snow” and when she was crashing painfully at the Olympics, as if I were right there in the moment, and it was a heady experience (especially for someone who knows next-to-nothing about winter sports)!

[quote]fans of authors like Laura Kaye will appreciate the strong, genuine emotion the story evokes[/quote]

I’m not usually a fan of “cozy” settings in romance books, but Hope Falls works. The people are a little nosy (practically a requirement for “cozy romance”) but not annoyingly so, and the town is not so small or secluded that it comes off as awkward or unreal. Hope Falls is like a forgotten paradise where this Texas gal might actually like to go, rent a cabin, and do a little communing with nature myself. Parts of the plot arc were a little predictable but still beautifully delivered, and fans of authors like Laura Kaye will appreciate the strong, genuine emotion the story evokes. If you’re up for a contemporary romance and looking for a little snow, definitely pick up Finding Lacey Moon!

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