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Autumn Moon (Celtic Wolves #3) by Jan DeLima #BookReview

Autumn Moon (Celtic Wolves #3) by Jan DeLima #BookReview

by davincikittieSeptember 26, 2015

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***

Cormack and Elen have been companions, best friends, for more than three hundred years–he trapped in his wolf form from birth and she in her human one. Little private moments between them shimmer with history and a bond that runs deep, bringing a greater intensity to their romance than a traditional pairing could experience.

“I’ve never danced, but it looks like they’re just moving in a circle. Are you willing to risk your feet with me?”
“You’re asking me?” Her heart beat in a rhythm much faster than the music playing.
“Who else spent time with me before this summer? Lydia and Sulwen?” he scoffed, shaking his head. “They threw me scraps from the kitchens of Rhuddin Hall when you made me a place setting at your table. Yes, Elen, I’m asking you.”

Right from the start of Autumn Moon, Cormack and Elen share a quiet intimacy unlike any other couple I have read. Elen’s space is homey, exotic, enchanting, and welcoming. Like coming home to a fall festival of companionship: creamy spices in the air and a lush autumn palette woven through a vibrant forest-scape.

Autumn was her favorite time of year, and she inhaled the scent of crisp apples, pumpkins ready to be cut from their vines, and the promise of a bountiful harvest.

Elen’s healing gift is hauntingly beautiful, and she is capable of inflicting terrible harm while also righting grievous wrongs. Author Jan DeLima shares Elen’s celebrations and trials in such elegant detail, I felt fully immersed in the spirit of autumn, enchanted by the personalities of the four unique elements.

“Never forget the purpose of each element, because it will respond in kind. Air breeds, Earth feeds, Water cleanses, and Fire resolves.” ~Ms. Hafwen

This series spins a story founded in original Celtic myth, separated from modern variations of the Camelot lore by a wealth of knowledge and je ne sais quoi that demonstrates just how much research and development time the author must have spent on building the story world.

The characters, as always, are vibrant, and each of them makes a distinctive mark on the story. Ms. Hafwen, Elen’s fairy tutor, twitters her admonishment and approval like a retired school marm too long separated from her beloved charges. Ms. DeLima has penned such a well-rounded character in this dragonfly-sized pixie that the little creature is impossible to dislike, rough edges and all.

Shaking her wings, the pixie laughed. Not that Elen had ever heard such a sound, but if butterflies were to fly through the strings of a harp, it might offer a pale comparison.

Jan DeLima’s books are almost poetic—lyrical—and such a pleasure to read. They inspire me to feel, on a fundamental level. Her stories create magic out of pixels, transport me to a place of gentle honesty and celebration of spirit. Celtic Wolves is a standout series still building up to it’s (sadly inevitable) climax and I look forward to devouring each new book as it arrives in my grateful hands.

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