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February 22, 2012

Review: Storms and Stars by Neena Jaydon

Hired to capture a high-ranking fleet officer, Luke doesn't make it far before the target sabotages their shuttle. After a rough crash landing that only Villum and his captor survive, they find themselves marooned on an alien world with no one to depend on but each other. Struggle for survival leads to friendship, and camaraderie leads to love and a partnership stronger than duty, tradition, or old flames. Storms and Stars is a GraveTells Recommended Read!
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October 13, 2011

Review: A Hidden Magic (Sentinels series #1) by Angela Benedetti

When psychotic Rory goes to meet his friend Manny for breakfast, he has to be really careful where he's looking so he doesn't see all sorts of fairy tale creatures. Next thing he knows, goblins are trying to eat him, and Manny's friends rescue him. Turns out, he's not psychotic after all, but able to see magical creatures, and he has something special that makes him incredibly appetizing to them. Manny's friend Paul, leader of the Sentinel team responsible for keeping the mortal realm safe from magical creatures, appoints himself Rory's protector-in-chief. A Hidden Magic is Worth a Look!
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October 3, 2011

Interview with the Grave Watcher

Last month, GraveTells reviewed Missouri Dalton's The Grave Watchers ; we managed to talk Sebastien, the main protagonist of the story, into sitting down to chat for a while and answer a few of our... ahem... burning questions. *waggles eyebrows* GT reviewer Captain Dirty Pants had the honor of facilitating the interview, and here's what they talked about...
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September 29, 2011

Review: The Grave Watchers by Missouri Dalton

Sebastien Crowle is one of the Grave Watchers, Death's own Men In Black spook squad. Selected by Death herself, the Grave Watchers protect the rest of the dead and punish transgressors with swift, sure justice. Sebastien, however, has a problem. He has become disconnected with life, rousing himself only to eat and do his nightly watch at the local cemetery. (He’s been depressed over the betrayal of a lover that he still finds himself pining for.) Pepper in some notable historical figures, cool weaponry, the cat you wish lived in your house, ancient Gods, hot men, and a nasty big bad. Mix a bit (this is more of a novella than a full blown novel) throw it in the oven, frost with a [...]
Urban Fantasy
Men In Uniform
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