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September 27, 2011

Now available in paperback: The Battle Sylph (Sylph series #1) by L. J. McDonald

Captured to be used as the sacrifice in a terrible ceremony to bring over one of the feared battle sylphs, Solie is not about to just give up and die. Through a bizarre set of circumstances that starts a chain reaction of pivotal events, Solie becomes the battle master and, together with her new battler, sets out only to run and survive, inadvertently changing everything about her world, how it works, and who’s in charge. This first book in the Sylph fantasy series by L. J. McDonald is the start of something special, with overarching themes of rising above who we are told we are to become what has always lived inside of us.
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September 22, 2011

Review: The Battle Sylph (Sylph series #1) by L. J. McDonald

The Battle Sylph is a story about bravery and courage from within, overcoming the bounds of slavery and the chains of hate. It is a tale of self sacrifice and community spirit, an ensemble piece rich in emotion,with more depth and creativity than I expected. This has the makings of a powerful, sweeping fantasy series. It is incredibly engaging; a creative new world where technology is stunted and oppression runs rampant and elementals are enslaved to privileged humans. There is more going on here than just a simple love story or a political conflict. The emotional ties between many of the characters, not necessarily the two central ones, are strong and vital. They make the story [...]
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