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July 2, 2013

Book Spotlight & Giveaway (US/Int): Forging Zero – The Legend of Zero by Sara King

Forging Zero, the first book in The Legend of Zero series by Sara King, begins the epic journey of 14-year-old Joe Dobbs in a post-apocalyptic universe following a massive alien invasion of Earth. The oldest of the children drafted from humanity's devastated planet, Joe is impressed into service by the alien Congressional Ground Force—and becomes the unwitting centerpiece in a millennia-long alien struggle for independence. Once his training begins, one of the elusive and prophetic Trith appears to give Joe a spine chilling prophecy that the universe has been anticipating for millions of years: Joe will be the one to finally shatter the vast alien government known as Congress. And the [...]
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July 2, 2013

Editorial & Giveaway (US/Int): Sci-fi author Sara King on what Indie publishing can do for readers and why to “go indie!”

Please help me welcome the Great Overlord Sara King, ruler of many loyal minions! Let me start this article by saying that I am a successful indie writer. I just went on a trip to Scotland, all expenses paid by my rabid, screaming fans (who are totally, utterly awesome and I bow to them). [DVK insert: "fans" = the "minions", totally loyal and adorably enthusiastic in their support of their Overlord!] I can put food in my stomach and clothes on my back due to the happy-go-lucky babble that comes out of my mind. After three decades, I have finally achieved my dream, and I am currently making more money than I could have made with a traditional publisher and am my own boss, decide [...]
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