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October 25, 2012

Review: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunter #5) by Nalini Singh

Taken at birth from her mother and raised by a vindictive archangel of an aunt, Mahiya has an iron will and the ability to remain calm and in control in nearly any situation... until she meets Jason, the darkly handsome Spymaster for a rival archangel. Jason is the best in the world at what he does and the only thing standing between the princess and certain death on the whim of her aunt. Danger, mystery, and sweet sweet romance will take you flying in Archangel's Storm. A recommended read!
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May 18, 2011

True Blood S4: Mmmm trouble (in Bon Temps)!

Which of our favorite characters will be causing trouble this season?  Oh, you can bet on just about all of them. *grin*

Click play below for a yummy “screen test” of the familiar faces.  

No spoilers this time, Scout’s honor!

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May 6, 2011

Review: Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse series novel #11), by Charlaine Harris

TLDR recap:

Sookie’s fairy kin are secretive and devious.  Sookie’s vampire friends are secretive and edgy.  Sookie’s old enemies are secretly still gunning for her.  Sookie’s family secrets finally see the light of day.  Secrets, secrets, everywhere, in Dead Reckoning, the 11th offering in Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Chronicles.

Title: Dead Reckoning Series: The Southern Vampire Chronicles (Sookie Stackhouse) series – book #11 Author: Charlaine Harris Prominent Characters: Sookie, Eric, Pam, & co. Recommended reader age: 16+ Sexual content level: Fairly light

I am going to try very hard to keep spoilers out of [...]

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April 19, 2011

Review: Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake series novel #10), by Laurell K. Hamilton

TLDR recap:

Anita reconnects with Jean-Claude and Richard to finally “marry” the vampire marks that bind them as a triumvirate.  Meanwhile, a brand new sweetie and a nasty new big bad hit town, as Anita fights her way from one crisis to the next in true ABVH style.

Title: Narcissus in Chains Series: The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series – book #10 Author: Laurell K. Hamilton Prominent Characters: Anita, Jean-Claude, Richard, Nathaniel, Micah Recommended reader age: 17+ Sexual content level: Moderate, but fairly explicit

*** Spoiler alert! ***

If you have not read the first 9 books of the ABVH series and still plan to, OR if you do [...]

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