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July 2, 2013

Guest Book Review: Wanderlust by Skye Warren

I loved this book more than words can say. It brought so many emotions to the forefront; everything from excitement, to fear, to lust, and finally love. The characters are enigmatic and the plotline is fresh and exciting – plus a bit dark, just how I like it. I can’t even count how many people I have recommended it to.
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June 30, 2013

Book Spotlight & Giveaway (US/Int): Wait For Me by Elisabeth Naughton

A woman without a past… After a tragic accident left her with no memory, Kate Alexander struggled to fit in with a husband and world that didn’t feel right. She’s had no reason to question what friends and family have told her, not until her husband is suddenly killed and she finds a photo of a young girl in his office. A girl who can’t be anyone but a daughter Kate didn’t know she had.
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June 18, 2013

Indie-Pendence Week 2013: All Indie authors, publishers, & bloggers welcome to participate in the giveaway!

If you are an author who is either self- or small press-published (or some other definition of "Indie"), a publisher who considers itself "boutique" or "small-press", OR a blogger who heavily supports Indie authors and publishers... You are officially invited to participate in GraveTells Indie-Pendence Week 2013!
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September 20, 2012

Giveaway (US/Int): Nightfall’s Aiden reveals the sexy secret of how vampires feed

Please help me welcome Nightfall's vampire hero Aiden and author Norah Wilson!

NORAH: Just so you know, I’ve never done this kind of thing before. AIDEN: What? Have coffee with a vampire? NORAH: That too. But no, I meant interview a character. This is your fault, you know. You’re just too charming. They specifically asked for an interview. I was just going to do an excerpt, maybe give away a few books… AIDEN (looking smug): Hey, you made me this way. So it’s really your fault. And what’s wrong with doing a character interview?
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