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November 28, 2017

See what Grant and Will, two Doms from Sparrow Beckett’s Masters Unleashed series, are hiding from each other! #giveaway #interview

Berkley Bookmas has come to GraveTells! Take a peek inside to see a special interview with Sparrow Beckett and two Doms from their Masters Unleashed series. Will and Grant are keeping secrets from each other, so click to find out what they've been up to at the Catacombs Club! Then don't miss your chance to win $100 and a copy of ALL the books pictured below. I mean, for real, how fantastic is this giveaway?! Come visit me on GraveTells today and let's chat Masters & romance! #BerkleyBookmas
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November 24, 2016

A night at the bar with Mace & Terry from Summer Lessons with a surprise guest rock band #giveaway #CMCon17 #CharacterInterview

What do you get when a sleep-deprived blogger and a NaNoWriMo-bound author team up for a late night character interview? INSANITY. What started as "lets do a character interview with Mason and Terry" turned into "how can Sue set this up so that Mason is as uncomfortable as possible and Terry is gleefully enjoying himself", which then became a whirlwind collaborative session where Amy and I riffed off each other and built the story-style character interview you see below.
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June 21, 2015

Take a wicked ride with Rebecca Zanetti’s Kellach Dunne #giveaway #interview #booktour

Hi all! Welcome to GraveTells. I talked Kellach Dunne into sitting down with us today for a quick interview.

Okay, well, I actually blackmailed him with information I’ve learned about his people (and they are SO not human), but same diff. He’s here, he’s ready to talk, and this is probably a one-time deal.

Kellach is big and broad with black hair and even darker eyes. He has a lovely Irish brogue, so I’m quite excited to hear him talk. Just so you know, Kell is the hero in Wicked Ride, which releases on June 23rd. Kell is an enforcer for the Coven Nine in Ireland, and he’s on a mission in the states to track down a dangerous drug called Apollo. The drug kills both humans and [...]

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February 13, 2014

Giveaway (US/Int): Mercy Celeste’s Southern Scrimmage boys up close and very personal

Please help me welcome author Mercy Celeste and the sexy men of the Southern Scrimmage series for a very special interview…

*** Spoiler disclaimer: This interview contains references to events from the first three books in the Southern Scrimmage series. ***

Mercy: We’re all gathered in my cozy sun room enjoying the nice almost spring weather and talking about the upcoming football season and what to expect in book four. The guys get upset when they don’t have a say in their story so this is their quarterly bitch session…er, plotting session. This winter has been pretty harsh here on the Gulf Coast, and we’re all enjoying the sun after [...]

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