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December 30, 2017

Why 2017 rocked my world…and how I rocked it right back

2017 was a landmark year for me, and I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my GraveTells Romance readers—those of you who open every email and read every review as well as those of you who just drop in for a casual look-see now and then. This blog has opened up a new world of possibilities for me as a professional in the romance publishing industry, and I'm so grateful to get to do what I love every day. So peek inside to find out just exactly what made 2017 a crazy whirlwind of a year. And what's coming up in 2018 that I am MOST excited about!
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December 5, 2012

Nominee Spotlight on the Sexiest Geek Award: Who is the hunkiest of the brainiacs from 2012?

When we announced the nominees for the Character Awards earlier this week, I contacted all the authors who have a character nominated for Sexiest Geek and offered them the chance to be part of this spotlight event. Those that chose to participate chose a blogger to represent them, to shout to the blog-o-verse why their hottie is the Sexiest Geek of 2012. Below are the nominees and their enthusiastic blogger representatives…

The nominees…

Click the character’s name below for a link to his GT book review! [starlist]

Cresso – Heart of the Incubus (Demons of Infernum) by Rosalie Lario Frank – Claiming Her Geeks [...]
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