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September 21, 2012

ARC Review: Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles #1) by Gena Showalter

Normal. That's all Ali wants to be. But noooo, her father sees monsters no one else can, won't let her out past dark, forces her to train in hand-to-hand combat, and spends most of his time either fortifying their house against a supposedly-impending attack or drinking himself into a stupor. In one tragic night, however, Alice learns just how wrong she was to doubt and ridicule him, when she loses everything and begins to see the very creatures responsible. Ali knows she has a choice: hide, pretend it never happened, and try to go on with her shattered life, or go out and wreak vengeance on the creatures who took her family from her. Alice in Zombieland is original and compelling, [...]
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May 14, 2012

ARC Review: A Blood Seduction (Vamp City #1) by Pamela Palmer

Quinn Lennox accidentally wanders through a portal into Washington D.C.'s dark side (literally) while searching for a missing friend, and finds herself trapped in an alternate reality where vampires rule and humans live to serve... and die. Vamp Arturo Mazza saves her from certain death at the hands of the first V.C. denizens she meets, and a strange dance of capture, escape, betrayal, secrets, and manipulation ensues. Who can Quinn truly trust, and is she prepared to do whatever is necessary to save herself and her brother? A Blood Seduction is a worth a look!
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March 27, 2012

ARC Review: Untouched (Amoveo Legend #2) by Sara Humphreys

Finding a mate before his 30th birthday is of the utmost importance to an Amoveo warrior; you find your mate and bond with her, or die a painfully slow and agonizing death. Dante, fox shifter and protector for his people, has to not only convince his half-breed mate that shifters do indeed exist, but to join with him and allow him to protect her from Amoveo terrorists who want to abolish all impure blood from the race. Oblivious to Dante's plight, Kerry, one of the world's top full-size models, just wants to finish this last job in New Orleans and retire. Can Dante and Kerry's passion for each other overcome the betrayal, danger, and loss that await them in the bayou? Untouched is a [...]
Urban Fantasy
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