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You down with G.O.E?

You down with G.O.E?

by The CaptainSeptember 9, 2011

I promised to tell you who the G.O.E. is, and your Captain delivers.

But first, I need an affirmative on the question posted above.

If you’re subscribed to this blog (or perhaps reading it for the first time) I am going to assume that you’re fan of PNR/UF and perhaps even erotica.  You like to read about hot couples who are running around trying to outsmart other supernatural beings all so that they can enjoy a little time in the Smex Beam getting to know one another better. *wink

If that’s not your thing, perhaps we need to have a little talk about the benefits to your horizontal life when you take the time to enjoy all the lovely gifts she has to offer.

The G.O.E. is the source of all those wonderfully steamy scenes we mark with post its or paper scraps for re-reading, that we call, text and e-mail our friends about, that make us cast models and movie stars as our favorite charaters in movies and t.v. series we fantasize about, and even drive us to give our favorite characters silly acromyms for names (ahem, DSWM, I lurve you Pritkin!), set up fan pages, make our own character and book series swag when the author hasn’t bothered to make a cafe press site.

She’s the Goddess of Erotica, boys and girls.  Put on your favorite lingerie and wrap your leg around the nearest stripper pole.  The G.O.E. needs new supplicants.

From the steamiest, most provocative sex scenes to the tender Harlequin bodice ripper style, the G.O.E has her hand in it all.  Your favorite authors are blessed to be on automatic download and may not even realize it.

Jeaniene Frost and Chapter 32?  G.O.E., my dears.

Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen, Guardian series?  Definitely the G.O.E.  (If you’ve read the series, you know how steamy the action gets when hot as hell half werewolf, half vamp Riley gets it on with her boys.  But Quinn takes the cake for me.  How about you?)

How about the Vampire Queen books?  That’s the G.O.E. at her genre bending, BDSM, make your toes curl and wonder if its really possible to do that best.

So, how do we keep the goddess happy?  How do we keep her well fed and downloading to our favorite authors so the Smex Beam remains fired up and ready to go?

We worship her.  We dance on stripper poles real and imagined or grab a handsome man and give him a well deserved lap dance.  Hell, you can do a sexy dance with a chair all by yourself, Flash Dance proved that.  We read those scenes and savor them.  Mark the pages to be shared with a significant other at an opportune time for a private reading.  (What happens during or after the reading is entirely your business, but if it involves some, uh, cardio, well good for you!)

The Smex Beam is a gift that keeps on giving and is meant to be shared.  The Goddess of Erotica is not one of those types all that interested in smiting (unless you want to be smited.  Then that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. *wink)  She wants us to enjoy and savor and share our PNR/UF.

For the good of mankind. I mean, really, a horny wife makes a happy husband.


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The Captain
When not in pursuit of two small children, a sausage shaped black lab, workaholic husband, crazed hermit crab, bachelor's degree, Jensen Ackles, or editors, I spend time writing and reading PNR/UF as fast as my overtaxed eyes and fingers can read and type. I'm busily writing a series with plenty of Smex Beam deployment and the occasional short story. I am susceptible to bribes involving chocolate, peanut butter, and interesting combinations of the two.
  • September 9, 2011 at 8:46 am

    Who’s down with G.O.E.? Allll the ladies!

    Don’t forget to post a comment and enter September’s contest! Check out the Contests menu for more details.

    And remember, it’s TOTALLY ok to get a little naughty by nature. :p

  • Captain Dirty Pants
    September 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls, they’re all down.

    (It’s only one of the greatest songs eva! Those guys know what they’re talking about.)

    And as for the photo, the Goddess is quite pleased. I do believe that she may show us just how much she likes it very, very soon.


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