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Release Day: Ecstasy Untamed, The Iron Knight, A Vampire for Christmas

Release Day: Ecstasy Untamed, The Iron Knight, A Vampire for Christmas

by davincikittieOctober 25, 2011

It’s release day again, and these blockbusters are all the rage!

First up is Ecstasy Untamed by Pamela Palmer

If you were thinking that the Feral Warriors were becoming a little too predictable and formulaic, Ecstasy Untamed will reinvigorate your love for the series.  All the things you’ve been wondering, all the unspoken restrictions you questioned, all the little mysteries we’ve been teased with throughout the last five books are finally revealed… and some of them are things you may have just taken for granted!  This book breaks all the rules and breathes new passion, danger, and intrigue back into one of paranormal romance’s best series.  Ecstasy Untamed has everything you’ve been waiting for, and more!  If you’re a fan of the Feral Warriors series, you do not want to miss Ecstasy Untamed!!

Need more convincing?  See GT’s advance review of Ecstasy Untamed here!

Buy Ecstasy Untamed on Amazon here.


Next is The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa…

The Iron Knight is a story of love lost and found, hope and hopelessness, brotherhood and regrets.  It is a book about choices and consequences, sacrifice and acceptance, and ultimately, about understanding… really, truly understanding… what being human is all about.  The Iron Knight is a beautiful, shining, heart-breaking story about life, and as poignant as it is, as conflicted as it made me feel, I want to live there in the Deep Wylds of the Nevernever on an endless adventure with Ash and Puck and the whole gang.  The Iron Knight is a GraveTells Fave, a must-read that you will keep on your bookshelf and read over and over.

Wonder what all the fuss is about?  See GT’s advance review of The Iron Knight here!

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Don’t forget about the A Vampire For Christmas anthology…

A festive holiday anthology by authors Michele Hauf, Laurie London, Alexis Morgan, and Caridad Pineiro, to be reviewed by GT in early December!

Buy A Vampire For Christmas on Amazon here.

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