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ARC Review: Ecstasy Untamed (Feral Warriors #6) by Pamela Palmer

ARC Review: Ecstasy Untamed (Feral Warriors #6) by Pamela Palmer

by davincikittieOctober 4, 2011

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! So read on with confidence and let your curiosity get the best of you!***

TLDR recap:

Slowly and painfully losing his connection to his animal since his imprisonment in the mage spirit trap, Hawke is head over wings for the new Feral’s mate-to-be.  He’d never betray a brother like that, but newcomer Maxim is testing everyone’s patience, including his intended – Faith.  Faith is a Therian nomad, moving from city to city every few years, helping get human women off the streets and into stable, promising situations by pretending to be one of them.  While Faith feels a compulsion toward Maxim, she also feels a strong connection to Hawke, and life at Feral House is about to get very interesting.  Ecstasy Untamed is a GraveTells recommended read!

  • Title: Ecstasy Untamed
  • Series: The Feral Warriors series – book #6
  • Author: Pamela Palmer
  • Prominent Characters: Hawke, Faith, Maxim
  • Recommended reader age: 17+
  • Sexual content level: Moderate



If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering “Do the non-feline shifters have fangs and claws when they go feral?” or “How do they decide what to name new shifters?” or “Will Vhyper ever recover enough to rejoin the ranks of the Ferals?” or “Will we ever see The Seventeen again?” or “Can women be shifters?” or “Just HOW MUCH of his body can a Feral lose and still regrow?”, you need to read this book.  I’m not going to spoil it for you and give you any of the answers, but I will tell you this: all that and more is finally answered in Ecstasy Untamed!

Something I find really impressive about this series is how Ms. Palmer seems to effortlessly create a completely different hero and heroine for each story.  It wouldn’t be surprising if all the men were virtual carbon copies of each other, having only different animal spirits and abilities to set them apart, but they are as unique as the animals they embody.  And the women!  Oh the women are such a pleasure to read about!  This is the sixth book in the series, so there are now six distinctly different female personalities (seven if you count Pink, but she’s not really that fleshed out… no pun intended).  Faith could easily come off as a boring self-sacrificing volunteer worker who swoons for her new man, but she doesn’t.  Faith has real innate strength and drive, and her own deep-seated insecurities, hidden under that 1,000 watt smile.

The Ferals are hot.  They always have been and, Ms. Palmer willing, they will continue to be.  Hawke is a bird shifter (the Ferals’ only flying form) and has always been respectable, intelligent, and loyal.  In previous books, I don’t remember thinking “man, I really wanna read Hawke’s story!” (I most definitely thought that about Jag! Oh how I <3 Jag!!) because, while he was always prominent in the action and a friendly, attractive member of the team, he never stood out for me.  Hawke really took on new life in this book and came into his own.  Not only is he yummy, smexy goodness, he’s got a brain and he’s not afraid to use it.  We see why he’s possibly the luckiest of the Ferals with his ability to fly, and get insight into how the Feral-Spirit shifter bond works.

One of the hallmarks of this series is its cliffhanger endings.  Ms. Palmer always wraps up the main romance plot and then leaves us with something shocking to worry about for the next 6-12 months.  Well Ecstasy Untamed is no different, so if that bothers you, “brace yourself, Effie!”  If you DO enjoy the anticipating and the waiting, you won’t be disappointed with this ending!  One thing to note: if you have NOT read the rest of this series and don’t want to see major spoilers for it, start with Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors book #1) and work your way up from there.  =)


Memorable quotes:

One must always be prepared when meeting the rockstars of the immortal world…

“The Chief?”  The words were out before she could stop them.  She wrinkled her nose.  “Sorry, I’m afraid I’m a little starstruck.  I wish I had an autograph book.”


Blasting stereotypes since 2009…

Faith had always imagined the Radiant to be a queen among immortals, reserved, royal.  Kara stood in bare feet, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt that read Team Jacob across the profile of a howling wolf.  And called herself a power plug.


Is a woman truly ever “too old” to appreciate good man-candy?

Olivia sighed.  “I’m afraid you’re probably right, Faith, as much as I hate to admit it.  Half the women on the planet would lust for our Feral Warriors if they got anywhere near them.  The other half are too young, too old, or into other women.”


I was thinking “stronger”, but this works too!

“What doesn’t kill you makes you obsessed.”


On pain and priorities…

“There’s nothing in this world more painful than regrowing a penis,” Kougar said quietly.

“It better come back good as new, that’s all I’m saying.”


It’s good to have you back, Jag…

“Hey.”  Jag shrugged.  “Someone has to cause the trouble.  This place is going to get dull with me all happy and sh!t.”


Finally, someone with a comeback!

Jag snorted.  “I’m not missing this show.  Just wait til you see what she can do, Foxy.”

Fox cut Jag an amused look.  “Looking forward to it, Jaggy.”


If you liked Ecstasy Untamed of the Feral Warriors series…

If you liked Ecstasy Untamed and the rest of Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors series (starting with Desire Untamed), you might also enjoy Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe (book #2 in the Royal House of Shadows series).  Like the Ferals, Osbourne is large-and-in-charge, and his honey has a fighter’s spirit in that petite princess’ body.

You might also enjoy Redemption (book #2 in the Lost City Shifters series) by Eleri Stone.  Adriano and Sophie have a combustible chemistry, and the setting is adventurous enough for an Indiana Jones flick.

Another great series featuring shapeshifters is The Psy/Changeling series (starting with Slave to Sensation) by Nalini Singh.  It has jaguars, leopards, wolves, psychic humans, and the mind-numbingly scary Psy.  Hot, intense, and addicting… that’s how I’d describe that series.  =)


Final thoughts:

If you were thinking that the Feral Warriors were becoming a little too predictable and formulaic, Ecstasy Untamed will reinvigorate your love for the series.  All the things you’ve been wondering, all the unspoken restrictions you questioned, all the little mysteries we’ve been teased with throughout the last five books are finally revealed… and some of them are things you may have just taken for granted!  This book breaks all the rules and breathes new passion, danger, and intrigue back into one of paranormal romance’s best series.  Ecstasy Untamed has everything you’ve been waiting for, and more!  If you’re a fan of the Feral Warriors series, you do not want to miss Ecstasy Untamed!!

Rating: Ecstasy Untamed

A Must-Read!


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*Thanks to NetGalley and Pamela Palmer for allowing GraveTells to review this book as an Advanced Reader Copy.  No payment or compensation was received for this review and the opinions herein are honest and unaffected by any outside factors.

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