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Review: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunter #5) by Nalini Singh

Review: Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunter #5) by Nalini Singh

by davincikittieOctober 25, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Taken at birth from her mother and raised by a vindictive archangel of an aunt, Mahiya has an iron will and the ability to remain calm and in control in nearly any situation… until she meets Jason, the darkly handsome Spymaster for a rival archangel. Jason is the best in the world at what he does and the only thing standing between the princess and certain death on the whim of her aunt. Danger, mystery, and sweet sweet romance will take you flying in Archangel’s Storm. A recommended read!

  • Title: Archangel’s Storm
  • Series: Guild Hunter book #5
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • Prominent Characters: Jason, Mahiya
  • Recommended Reader Age: 16+
  • Genre(s): paranormal adventure, contemporary romance
  • Sexual Content Level: moderate, sensual

*** This review is SPOILER-FREE! Read on with confidence! ***


There are few romance authors that I will buy without looking at a book’s genre, cover, or even blurb. Nalini Singh is on that very short list, so it was no surprise that Archangel’s Storm is quality writing and a good read. That said, and establishing that overall I enjoyed the book, I have to say this is my least favorite of the Guild Hunter series to date. I think my issue is not with the story, which is satisyingly complex without being overwhelming, but with the lead characters.

I like Jason. Have since he made his first appearance in Angel’s Blood, all dark and mysterious. Raphael’s Spymaster definitely fills the “strong and silent” role in the archangel’s inner circle. His past is brutal and has left him with emotionally crippling insecurities, and his coloring and appearance are striking, with the jet black wings and intricately tattoed visage. Even so, there were times he came across less as strong and reserved and more as, well, flat.

Princess Mahiya, unfortunately, wasn’t that much better. She is a new character in the storyline, and I found her personality overly reserved and excessively quiet. She had her moments, but generally just didn’t hold my interest and I ended up skimming most of her solo scenes.

Even when things heated up between Mahiya and Jason, I still couldn’t get into it. They do have some chemistry, but it’s more like a twinkling candle flame to Elana and Raphael’s bonfire. I found it disappointing that I looked forward to Dmitri and Honor’s short, sparse scenes far more than the main couple’s interactions.

As a filler novel, it had an intriguing storyline, which I enjoyed watching culminate in a fairly surprising ending. I’m looking forward to seeing where Ms. Singh is taking us and when the rest of Raphael’s sexy Seven will finally meet their matches. Venom and Bluebell, here’s hoping you guys are up next!

Memorable Quotes

There are a couple ways to a man’s heart. I think Mahiya’s got this one down pat…

In front of her sat a low table carved of dark wood and inlaid with the merest glimmer of fine gold around the edges, on top of which stood a pot of tea alongside a tray of mixed savories and sweets, and two cups. He halted, disappointment curling through his body. “You’re expecting someone.”
Mahiya’s laugh was warm. “I am expecting you.”

What man could say no to that?!

“I can’t give you what you want,” he repeated, some unknown thing tearing and ripping inside him at the thought of having to sever his connection to her, when it was the first time in his life he’d trusted even a part of himself to a lover.
A soft smile. “Did I make any demands, hmm?” Lifting her free hand, she ran her fingers along his jaw. “I have so much love inside me, Jason. So much. And I have never been allowed to shower it on anyone – no one has wanted it. Let me stretch the wings of my heart with you.”

If you liked…

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If you like the writing of Nalini Singh and haven’t yet read her Psy/Changeling series, you are seriously missing out! Shapeshifters, mentally gifted humans, and an emotionless powerful psychic race called the Psy are the players on a chessboard of danger, intrigue, and heartfelt love stories you’ll never forget.  Start the series with Slave to Sensation.

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Final Thoughts:

A good, solid read overall, with a slow burning romance, Archangel’s Storm reads more like a filler series story than a stand alone novel… and, really, it was a nice break from the usual violent death and gore that seems to haunt the poor Guild Hunter heroines. If you’re already a fan of the series then you’ll definitely want to get the latest scoop on the still-evolving Cadre and check in on our other two GH couples, but don’t go into this one expecting fireworks.

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Rating: Archangel’s Storm


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