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Jeaniene Frost & Pamela Palmer on tour!

Jeaniene Frost & Pamela Palmer on tour!

by davincikittieJanuary 30, 2011

Jeaniene Frost, author of the ridiculously awesome Night Huntress series, made her official tour announcement a few days ago on her website…


She’ll be hitting these cities with fellow best-selling author Pamela Palmer, author of the Feral Warriors series:

  • Saturday, February 19th: Boonsboro, Maryland
  • Tuesday, February 22nd: Birmingham, AL
  • Wednesday, February 23rd: New Orleans, LA

If you haven’t read the Night Huntress series, for SHAME!  Move over Bella & Edward, it’s all about Cat & Bones!  Jeaniene, now that you mention Team Bones slap bracelets, I am fiending for one!  Hook a girl up so I can represent!!  *wink*  Seriously though, if anyone finds out where to buy a Team Bones or Team Kougar slap bracelet, post here and let us know!

Here are some other fun things I came across while checking out the Night Huntress site today…

(these are all designs available on various items at PrintFection… tshirts, mugs, mousepads, etc)


If you haven't read Ch32 of One Foot in the Grave, don't cheat... just read it and be properly scandalized!


Okay!  Now that I’ve promoted the hell out of Cat & Bones, I want to say that the Feral Warrior series is also really great.  It’s one of my other most-enjoyed series.  I haven’t done any reviews of it yet, but I will probably do Kougar’s book that comes out in a little less than a month.  A new Cat & Bones book AND a new Feral Warriors book releasing on the same day?!   Pure paranormal bliss!  Here are the next two books to look forward to, both releasing on February 22nd:

  • This Side of the Grave, Cat & Bones (Night Huntress series) #5 by Jeaniene Frost
  • Hunger Untamed, Feral Warriors series #5 by Pamela Palmer


<3 DVK

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