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2011 Readers Choice Awards: Day 2 results update!

2011 Readers Choice Awards: Day 2 results update!

by davincikittieDecember 29, 2011


Have you had a chance to vote in our 2011 Readers Choice Awards yet?

If not, click the image below to go directly to the voting page.  Voting is only open until midnight on Saturday, so don’t dally!  =)

Of course, if you have already voted, thank you!!  Are you ready for this…?

At the end of our second day of voting, we had over 1,000 visitors and nearly 5,500 votes cast across the ten polls!  Anyone who thinks paranormal romance isn’t a respectable genre doesn’t realize that it’s not the literary highbrow resumé of an author that makes a story legit, it’s the heart and soul of the fans who will go out of their way to support their beloved authors and book characters.  I am overwhelmed with the positive response and comments I’ve gotten from you guys about the voting and am SO excited you’re all having a blast too!

Let’s keep passing it along… FaceBook it, Tweet it, Email it!  We still have three days left, and anything can happen!  For example, yesterday Laura Kaye’s North of Need was soundly leading the polls.  As of the end of the second day of voting, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is fairly TROUNCING the competition, ahead in every poll it’s nominated for!

Here are the leaders at the end of the second day of voting:

  • Favorite Book: Lover Mine by J. R. Ward leads, followed by Unleashed by Sara Humprheys and Lisa Kessler’s Nightwalker tied for second!
  • Best Cover Artwork: North of Need is still in the lead, but Jeaniene Frost’s One Grave At A Time is steadily gaining
  • Sexiest Story: Lover Mine is ahead, followed by North of Need
  • Favorite Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood has a whopping 30% lead, still followed by Night Huntress
  • Sweethearts: John Matthew & Xhex from Lover Mine have pulled ahead and are trailed by Cat & Bones from One Grave At A Time
  • Best Bromance: Vishous & Butch continue to dominate the pack with a 45% lead, followed by Bones & Ian
  • Most Compelling Hero: John Matthew from Lover Mine leads, followed by Bones of  One Grave At A Time
  • Most Kick-Ass Heroine: Xhex from Lover Mine is in the lead, followed by One Grave At A Time‘s Cat
  • Favorite Author: J. R. Ward has a solid lead with 41% of the votes, followed by Laura Kaye with 24%
  • Breakout Author: Laura Kay still has a healthy lead, trailed by fellow Entangled author Lisa Kessler


So where are all the BDB and Cat & Bones fans?!  I mean honestly, I expected a stronger showing from you guys.   *grin*  Just kidding, of course!  Black Dagger and Night Huntress fans luuurve their book crack and it is definitely showing!  If your favorite author isn’t doing as well as you want them to be, help do something about it! Spread the word and bring in new voters!  With three full days of voting left, you never know what will happen!

Still not sure who to vote for? No problem!  We’ve got a handy cheat sheet to give you quick access to the reviews that put these books, series, and authors on our voting polls.  Click HERE to check it out!



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