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Spotlight on: Gone with the Wolf’s alpha wolf CEO Drake Wilder

Spotlight on: Gone with the Wolf’s alpha wolf CEO Drake Wilder

by davincikittieMay 31, 2013

Please help me welcome author Kristin Miller and CEO alpha Drake Wilder from Gone With the Wolf!

I got the chance to sit down with Drake Wilder (Alpha werewolf for the Seattle Wolf Pack and CEO of Wilder Financial), the hero in Gone with the Wolf. (Aside: I must say, I pictured Drake Wilder when I wrote him, and had to fan myself a couple times during some key scenes, but meeting him in person? Yowzer. Hotter than I imagined.)

So Drake, what’s Gone with the Wolf about?

It’s about my newest secretary waltzing into my office and flipping my world upside down. No, it’s more than that. It’s about discovering that Emelia Hudson, pain in my neck and serious seductress, is my Luminary—a human woman, bearing an Alpha’s child, can you believe it? It’s about my money-hungry twin brother wanting to kill Emelia before we can bond so that he can inherit rule over the pack and all of our father’s estate. There’s other stuff in the book too: a game of darts where she cheats to win, a bet gone sour, a ritzy gala in San Francisco that doesn’t go as planned, an attack on Emelia’s life that really riles my fur, etc. Guess you’ll have to read the rest.

Who’s Emelia?  

(He sighs heavily before answering.) When I first met Emelia, she was a thorn in my side. By day, she was my personal secretary. By night, she owned a local bar with declining profits. She believed Wilder Financial did some dirty business deeds to purchase the building that her bar resides in. So, yeah, at first our relationship was rocky. Now, it couldn’t be better. She’s soft where I’m hard. Spunky where I’m too serious. She balances me in every way, bringing light to my life when I least expect it.

So, you’re the Alpha of the Seattle Wolf Pack. (I feel like I should be bowing down or something.) What’s that like?

Leadership positions of any kind are difficult. Sure, I rule over a few hundred wolves, but there are always ones who want to challenge me for dominance. I have to stay on my toes and constantly keep an eye on what’s going on with the members of my pack. The greatest benefit is that I can assign the strongest, most lethal werewolves to be Emelia’s private bodyguards. I never have to fear for her safety when I can’t be with her, and that means the world to me.

How would you describe your perfect date?

This one’s easy. I used to think a perfect date had to be perfect. You know, the dates where there are roses, candlelight, too-tight clothes and Barry White playing in the background? Emelia has taught me that those kind of dates are memorable, but bland. The best dates are the impromptu ones that make you laugh after a hard day at the office, drink more wine than you should, and wind up chasing each other around in the sprinklers. Anything with Emelia is perfect.

What do you most love about Emelia?

I love her fire. She’s got a staggering wit and isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. She challenges me at every turn, and I love her for it. We probably argue more than your average couple, but after every argument we get to make up. (He winks, and I melt.)

Your worst quality?

Believe me, I’ve got a ton of them. Emelia would say my worst quality is that I can’t stop analyzing things. She hates when I base a decision on facts and figures alone. She’d rather buy a piece of property based on feeling, and I’d rather buy based on the market and prices of lots in the surrounding area. It’s a good balance, I think, since both of our businesses are now doing really well.


Okay, Drake, I’m moving onto fast five:

Beach or mountains?: Don’t care as long as Emelia’s at my side.

Milk Chocolate or Dark?: Both. I’ll eat anything, especially when I’m in wolf form.

Beer or wine?: Wine. Anything that gets better with age is good with me.

Go out to the movie theater or Red Box it?: Red Box. Blanket. Dimming lights. Emelia tucked under my arm. Perfection.


I have to thank Drake Wilder for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with me today. And I have to thank Grave Tells for setting the whole thing up and making it happen.




Gone With The Wolf by Kristin MillerCEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder has given up the search for his one true love. When he discovers that she’s a secretary in his company, Drake’s primal instincts kick into overdrive.

What he wouldn’t give to have her fingers rake over his body instead of the keyboard…

Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. But when profits decline, she slips into a dress suit and secures a nine-to-five. After learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers.

Two can play the ruthless business game. If only her attraction to the boss wasn’t so intense…

When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he hatches a plan to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life.

Find it online at Amazon | B&NGoodReads

About the author

author Kristin MillerKristin Miller has had a passion for language and literature her whole life. Born and raised in northern California, she often made up stories about faraway places and edge-of-your-seat adventures. After graduating from Humboldt State University, Kristin taught high school and middle school English, married her college sweetheart, and had two beautiful munchkins. In 2008, she took time off from teaching to raise her children, and started writing while they napped.
Her first novel was published in 2011, and since then she has had seven other novels published (mostly paranormal romances). She is the author of Gone with the Wolf with Entangled Publishing, the dark and gritty Vampires of Crimson Bay series with Avon, and the short-but-steamy Isle of Feralon novellas with Harlequin Nocturne Cravings.

Find Kristin online at her website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads

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