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Review: Wings of Desire (Fey Chronicles #1) by Arianna Skye

Review: Wings of Desire (Fey Chronicles #1) by Arianna Skye

by Rachel ElizabethMay 7, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Rhiannon Kinsley has no idea she’s a faerie princess. Having grown up in the human world, she’s not even aware that faeries exist, but that all changes when Cerne Silverwing shows up. He informs her that he’s her consort and that the fate of Fey depends on her, for she’s the key to helping him defeat the Dark Faerie Queen. Now Rhiannon must make a choice; turn her back on her destiny… or embrace it. Wings of Desire is Worth a Look!

  • Title: Wings of Desire
  • Series: Fey Chronicles #1
  • Author: Arianna Skye
  • Prominent Characters: Rhiannon, Cerne
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Sexual Content Level: high

***This review contains some slight spoilers! Read on at your own risk!***


Rhiannon Kinsley is having a perfectly normal day…right up until her laptop is suddenly struck by lightning. Strange symbols appear on her computer screen, and then she hears a mysterious voice speaking to her. Soon enough, Cerne Silverwing appears, a sexy stranger who also just happens to be a faerie. On top of that, Cerne insists that Rhiannon is also a faerie, and not just any faerie, but a princess, and that he’s her life-mate. Convinced she’s lost her mind, Rhiannon refuses to believe a word Cerne is saying… until he kidnaps her to take her to Fey, where she discovers the existence of a beautiful, magical land. She also learns that the Dark Faerie Queen poses a serious threat to the kingdom, and Cerne desperately needs Rhiannon’s help to stop her from taking over.

Wings of Desire is a fun, light read. For the most part, I found Rhiannon to be a likable character, although at times she was a little too stubborn and suspicious for my taste, so I sometimes had a hard time connecting with her. I also got a little tired of her refusal to believe that what was happening to her was actually real, but I suppose I’d think I was going crazy too if someone abruptly insisted I was a faerie princess. I admired her dedication to protecting others and her compassionate nature. A great deal of responsibility is heaped upon her so fast, yet once she starts to accept who she is, she’s loyal and will do anything for her people. I must note, though, for someone with not a lot of sexual experience, Rhiannon is very bold and almost kinky, so I was surprised she wasn’t more shy with Cerne.

Speaking of Cerne, he was definitely sexy and seductive. His mission is to bring Rhiannon back to her true home, and fulfill his duty as her consort. The only way to strengthen his magic is by getting his wings, which is something that can’t happen until he unites with Rhiannon. I like how being her consort became more than just a job to Cerne as he spent more and more time with her. And their relationship was very steamy. Cerne sure knows how to satisfy a woman!

Wings of Desire was an interesting read, with an intriguing storyline and plenty of sexy, erotic scenes. I didn’t think the villian was particularly menacing, due to the fact that I found her too cliche with all the cackling and her behavior in general. Still, Arianna Skye’s take on faeries was creative and entertaining, and I think this series has a lot of potential.

Memorable Quotes:

He’s right. He does NOT need a pick-up line. At.all. *fans self*

“What is a pick-up line?” Cerne asked, with an arch of his brow. “Again, your human lingo is foreign to me.”
“A come-on?” How else could she describe it? “A compliment with the intention of getting into someone’s bed?”
“I don’t need a pick-up line for that.” Cerne’s lips curved into a devious smirk. “My tongue and fingers do fine all by themselves.”

Hot AND romantic…

“Mo cridhe.”
Rhiannon bit her lip. “Yes?”
“You understand what that translates to, right?” He placed his hand over his heart. “You are in here-always.”

If you Liked Wings of Desire…

You should definitely check out Lord of the Fading Lands, book 1 in the Tairen Soul series by C.L. Wilson. It’s about a woman who discovers she’s the truemate of a powerful Fey king, and the Fey need her help to save their race. The basic plot is very similar to the one in Wings of Desire. The novel is both a paranormal romance book and a fantasy book, just like Wings of Desire.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Wings of Desire was a good start to the Fey Chronicles series. If you’re in the mood to read a light, erotic book that features faeries, you may want to check this one out. Wings of Desire is worth a look!

Rating: Wings of Desire


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