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Review: Twist (Mageri #2) by Dannika Dark

Review: Twist (Mageri #2) by Dannika Dark

by dg_mollyOctober 17, 2012

TLDR Recap:

Still coming to terms with her new life as a Mage, it isn’t long after the confrontation with her maker that Silver (Zoe) finds herself in grave danger again. With her best friend Sunny back in her life and Logan, a Chitah and known mortal enemy to Mage, by her side, Silver is more determined than ever to find and destroy the benefactor behind her transformation. Twist is a GraveTells Must-Read!

  • Title: Twist
  • Series: Mageri #2
  • Author: Dannika Dark
  • Prominent Characters: Silver (Zoe), Logan
  • Recommended Reader Age: 18+
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
  • Sexual Content Level: light to moderate

*** This review contains slight plot spoilers. Read on at your own risk. ***


Silver, now an immortal that’s able to harness and control energy called Mage, is still getting used to her new life. Although she’s strong and independent, she still feels isolated and utterly alone. Deciding to break her Ghuardian Justus’ rule of contacting friends or family from her human life, Silver meets with her best friend Sunny and discovers that her friend’s ex, Marcus, may have been involved with her attack and transition into Mage. Left at home, alone and bored while Justus investigates, Silver mistakenly answers the door and allows Logan to enter.

Logan Cross is tall, broad, and exudes the aurora of a predator being as he’s Chitah, a cat-like supernatural who’s bite is lethal to Mage making them natural enemies. On a mission to kidnap Silver to repay a debt, Logan’s hate for Mage slowly fades into the background as his fascination with Silver grows.

After Logan offers Silver’s return in trade for the chance to help on their mission, the investigation takes a turn towards dangerous as they discover that the benefactor’s operation for kidnapping and turning Mage is a lot larger than originally thought.

Twist was an awesome follow-up novel and did not disappoint. Dark’s extremely well-rounded characters and fabulous supernatural world-building are so well written and does not leave the reader wanting. I look forward to seeing what supernatural creature Dark will unveil next as well as the continuation of Silver’s story.

Memorable Quotes:

Halos and Tits: an adult entertainment venue, coming soon to a strip mall near you!

“Is this about HALO?”

His blue eyes sharpened.

“I was in your secret room once, with Simon. I saw the red book on your desk with that word etched across the cover. It has the same symbol you put on your business cards,” I said, matter-of-factly. “What is HALO? I know it has nothing to do with a holy object hovering over your head.”

His shadow played on the wall as he threw his serious eyes to the stone floor. “HALO keeps the peace among the Breed; we share information.”

“So that’s the big secret?”

“It’s no secret I’m a member. If a Vampire pulled information from you—it could undo years of work. It is better that you are not privy to our secrets. We’re a select few of different races that represent the Breed. Our alliance is built upon trust, integrity, truth, and secrecy.”

“Trust, integrity… wait a minute, your motto’s acronym is TITS?”

A deep line etched in his brow. “You always have a comeback,” he grumbled, waving a hand.

“You spelled it out,” I grinned, deciding I liked the joke. “Halos and tits—it sounds like a strip club.”

“I think you need to stop.”

“Fine, I know how important tits are to you,” I snickered.

Finding Jesus…apparently he’s been hiding, or maybe he just stepped out to get a burger.

“Sunny, I know a million stories about you. It may never be enough. I just want to sit and talk for a little bit.” I tore the label off the bottle and let a minute pass by.

“How’s my mom doing?”

She snorted and swallowed half her drink. “Bat crazy. She won’t talk to me anymore. She’s found Jesus.”

“Really? Where was he hiding?”

Here’s to common sense getting its ass kicked.

Logan didn’t kiss me as a man who wanted more—he kissed me adoringly, reverently. I didn’t even know the man and he kissed me with more passion than any man I’d ever known. My knees wobbled and I tried to steady myself.

Kiss me back,” he breathed.

When he rubbed his face against my cheek in one long stroke, I grew alarmed. Not because I was afraid of him, but I was afraid of what I was feeling. He was inciting a desire to participate, and I had an urge to nuzzle against his neck.

“I don’t like games. I told you—”

My words cut off when a vibration rumbled from his chest.

His brow arched. “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” he chuckled, brushing those soft lips over mine…again and again.

My lips wanted to obey, and I knew it was wrong. An internal battle was ensuing—instinct vs. common sense—two dominant forces at the root of all decisions.

His breath over my mouth whispered, “Kiss me, little raven.

Common sense got its ass kicked.

The Queen of Snark and my new role model…

“What is it now?”

A throaty growl escaped. “I love the way you say my name. Say it again.”


“Because I asked you to,” he said softly.

“Logan,” I whispered, “pick up my dirty laundry.”

If you liked Twist…

If you enjoyed Twist and are looking for another story of a fabulously strong heroine thrust into the world of the supernatural and on a quest for truth, check out Caged (Book #1 of the Caged series) by Amber Lynn Natusch and don’t forget to check out the third installment of the Mageri series, Impulse, that’s scheduled to be released October 26th, 2012.  Read our review for Sterling, book 1 in the Mageri series, here.

Final Thoughts:

Love the sequel, love the series, and can’t wait for the third installment, Impulse. The Mageri series is a winner and definite must-read!

Rating: Twist


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